Mumsnetters review Policy Expert

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We asked 25 Mumsnet secret shoppers to call Policy Expert and get a home insurance quote in order to test their customer service. Here are their findings…

What is Policy Expert?

Policy Expert is the UK’s number one-rated home insurance provider. They insure over 400,000 homes across the country and have been awarded a Crystal Mark from the Plain English campaign for their jargon-free policies.

They underwrite and provide their own home insurance policies, as well as working with a panel of leading insurance companies, so their customers can choose from a range of cover options.

If you would be interested in a home insurance quote with fixed prices for two years, then please call 0800 692 4400 or visit the Policy Expert website for a quote.

The Mumsnet verdict

How did you find your secret shopper experience of calling up Policy Expert for a home insurance quote?

Overall, our secret shoppers had a very positive experience when speaking with Policy Expert advisors about home insurance quotes: 96% of testers were satisfied with the experience. Some users, who called at very busy times, were on hold for up to 15 minutes, but everyone who didn’t get through straight away was offered a call-back. Overall, the process was deemed to be straightforward and informative.

“The customer service was excellent. I felt that I was given time to ask questions and the answers given sounded genuine. The advisor was friendly yet professional.”

“I found it straightforward and relatively hassle free. I was on hold for four minutes, but someone then answered and asked for my contact details so I could be called back within 15 minutes. They called about five minutes later.”

Were the sales advisors friendly and helpful when you called for a quote?

Our testers found the Policy Expert advisors knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Many users also reported that, while they were understandably keen to make sales, they were tactful and, in general, did not apply undue pressure – only one Mumsnet tester reported feeling any pressure.

“The sales advisor was friendly, enthusiastic and very helpful. He made me feel valued and listened to.”

“I got through to the same person when I called back and he remembered my name and picked up the quote at the point we'd reached before.”

“It had been my birthday shortly before I called, so when I gave my date of birth he asked whether I had a good day which I thought was a nice touch!”

How did the service compare to other insurance companies you have used?

Undercover Mumsnetters found that Policy Expert's service was at least up to the standard of insurance companies they had dealt with previously, if not better. Simplicity, quality of service and the choice of policy options were frequently mentioned by our testers as areas in which Policy Expert excelled.

“The service was very similar to phoning a typically well-organised insurer, but with the additional benefit of getting multiple quotes at the end.”

“The main issue I had compared to competitors was that the advisor didn’t ask me what excess I’d like. So the prices quoted didn’t mean much until I asked for this information.”

“A great service – the questions were clearer and the advisor seemed to care about the service he was providing.”

Would you recommend Policy Expert to friends and family members?

This is arguably the most important and revealing question, and 100% of our testers replied that they would recommend Policy Expert to friends and family. A number of Mumsnetters are willing to put their money where their mouth is and go back to Policy Expert themselves when their home insurance is up for renewal.

“Yes I would recommend that they give them a call for a quote – I certainly will be in the future. The price quoted was very competitive and I liked the fact it was fixed for two years.”

“Most definitely, I will be calling them myself for a quote when my own insurance is up for renewal. I thought the whole process was easy, quick and dealt with efficiently.”

You can read the feedback thread in full here.

Could you save by switching your home insurance to Policy Expert?

As well as impressing our secret shoppers, Policy Expert are recommended as a home insurance provider by 95% of their customers, with 91% saving an average of £72.08 when they switch to Policy Expert.

If you are looking for a quote on home insurance, and would like to take advantage of fixed prices for two years, please call 0800 692 4400 or visit the Policy Expert website for a quote.