The recipe for the perfect night in

The summer holidays are filled with busy days spent navigating soft play centres, staging obstacle courses around the garden, finding new reasons for why, no, your child can not have another ice cream – and generally throwing your all in to avoiding the dreaded moans of ‘I’m bored’. But when the kids are worn out and have (finally) been shipped off to bed, it’s time for parents to relax. Sky Cinema asked Mumsnetters how they spend their perfect night in – here are their tips and tricks

Cool off from head to toe…

“In the hot weather we’ve been enjoying getting our foot spa out and filling it with cold water – absolute heaven.”

…Or maybe take advantage of the hot weather (while it lasts)

“We have really tried to take advantage of the warmer evenings lately. Tidy up the toys, pour a nice gin and tonic, sit in the garden to watch the sunset and eat dinner.”

Pick your film well ahead of time

“We always decide what we’re going to watch together before we sit down. Otherwise, by the time the children are in bed and we’ve um-ed and ah-ed over what to watch half the evening has gone by.”

For just one night, go off the grid

“It may seem obvious but I don't know how many people do this…switch phones off! No calls, no quick facebook checks. If you're going to snuggle up and watch a film then do it properly, uninterrupted and unspoiled.”

If in doubt, wear them out

“If it's a night in with the kids, get clever. Have an energetic day, have a fun dinner (homemade pizzas always go down well, and everybody helps), then choose a film that the kids can sing and dance their way through. After all that, hopefully they'll be out like a light and it's time to curl up on the sofa with a film you really want to see.”

Create a little family bubble

“Our family loves to set up a little den in the living room. Bring all the duvets down, set them up on the floor, push the sofas back, add in all the cushions and pillows we can find and get cosy to watch a film with plenty of things to munch on.”

Facilitate a little peace and quiet…

“Get the grandparents booked for child care, plenty of wine in the fridge and the curry house on speed dial!”

…Or maybe a lot of peace and quiet

“Get rid of husband, get in the Haagen Dazs and watch a film in bed.”

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