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Mumsnetters review Trutex school uniform

We asked Mumsnetters (and their kids) to put Trutex uniform through the wringer to the test for a couple of weeks and see how it fared. You can take a look at the thread here or read on for their feedback

Who are Trutex?

Trutex have been making school uniforms for schools, shops and parents 150 years. They know how hard kids wear their clothes, so their uniforms are made to be stain-resistant with non-iron shirts and permanent creases in their trousers and skirts.

The Mumsnet verdict

What were your first impressions of the uniform?

First impressions are important, luckily, Trutex uniform impressed our testers straight off the bat. They commented in particular on the high quality of the materials used and the range of sizing options available.

“I really liked that I could order based on the waist/leg length to get a perfect fit.”

“My first impression was that the uniform was made from good, strong material but it was also soft and looked comfortable.”

Is there anything you think could be improved about any of the garments? (How did you find the sizing? Did the garment you ordered fit your child?)

Sizing for kids' clothes is always tricky as it depends on whether your child is tall or small for their age, and can seemingly change overnight bloody growth spurts. Overall, our testers were happy with the sizing of Trutex uniform though a few Mumsnetters fed back that adjustable waistbands would be a useful addition. They also found the washing instructions a little restrictive (the uniform can't be washed with fabric conditioner or tumble-dried).

“My daughter is extremely tall for her age. I ordered an age 13 years skirt with a 26'' waist. It fitted perfectly, it was available in 3 lengths, and I chose the 18'' length which sits just above the knee.”

I ordered the trousers that were best fit for my son's inside leg measurement knowing they would be 2 inches too big round the waist but the elasticated back doesn't really pull them in enough so an adjustable waistband would have been better.

What does your child think of their new uniform item?

Although parents are the ones purchasing the uniform, anyone who's ever battled to get their kids dressed will understand it's equally important to impress the ones who'll actually be wearing it. Trutex uniform seems to have gone down as well as school uniform possibly can – as one MNer put it: “He likes it as much as he would ever admit to liking school uniform”.

“My daughter loved wearing the polo shirts and they were requested everyday!”

“My son is very pleased he says they are comfortable and he feels smart in them.”

What do you think of the quality of the uniform item? Do you think it is better quality than other brands/retailers you've bought?

Mumsnetters were very impressed by the quality of the uniform they received and felt it surpassed their usual supermarket and high street purchases.

“I felt the quality was higher than my usual brands. The overall look and feel was superior.”

“The quality of the shirts are great. The material is of a high quality and not too thin or see-through yet not too thick. I would go as far as to say that perhaps these shirts are the best I have come across to date – even better than M&S and John Lewis shirts.”


How do you feel the uniform is bearing up to washing? And to day-to-day school life?

There was a clear consensus on the quality and durability of Trutex uniform and most testers felt that the uniform washed well and – hurrah – looked smart without needing to be ironed. One Mumsnetter found that she couldn't completely get rid of the stains on her sons polo shirt, though.

“My daughter puts her uniform through its paces and often comes home filthy from playing. These polo shirts have been washed at least 10 times so far and still look good as new.”

“It washing well and surviving my mud monster child! Not sure about the no fabric softener washing guideline though!”

“Washes well, and does well in school – my daughter even played cricket in them when she forgot her PE kit, it survived without damage!”

Do you think you would buy uniform from Trutex again?

The proof is in the pudding purchasing and the majority of our testers would be happy to spend their own hard-earned cash on Trutex uniform.

“I definitely would as even though they may cost more, the fit is better and the material seems made to last, which is what every parent wants!”

“Yes, having seen the difference in how the skirts look at the end of the school day compared to the old ones, I will be getting both DCs uniforms from Trutex.”

If it came up in conversation, do you think you would recommend Trutex uniform to your friends who have school-age children?

Most of our Mumsnet testers said they would recommend Trutex to a friend.

“Yes I have already recommended it to a friend.”

“Yes, on the basis of quality at secondary school. At primary the loss/growth issue would probably make any long term investment unlikely.”

“Yes, the quality is the main selling point.”

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