Mumsnet picks: 8 of the best gins and how to serve them like a pro

Selection of gins and cocktail shakers

Our live gin masterclass caused quite a stir on Instagram – who knew there was so much snazzy gear around for creating cocktails? From glittery liqueurs to non-alcoholic options, here's all you need for serving up a gin to suit every possible mood.

Step one – grab the appropriate gear

Copper Hammered Cocktail Shaker, £8

<h3><a href="">Copper Hammered Cocktail Shaker, £8</a></h3>

The only thing better than a round of cocktails is impressing your friends and family by whipping them up in the comfort of your own home. We used this gorgeous beaten copper cocktail shaker to mix our own cocktails at MNHQ – not only does it look the business, but, better yet, it's only £8 from Tesco!

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Pineapple Cocktail Shaker, £34

<h3><a href="">Pineapple Cocktail Shaker, £34</a></h3>

Take your stunt pineapple to the next level with this chic cocktail shaker from Oliver Bonas. Perfect for summer drinks and attractive enough to be a centrepiece – what's not to like?

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Epicurean Barware Three-piece Copper-Plated Cocktail Kit, £12.75

<h3><a href="">Epicurean Barware Three-piece Copper-Plated Cocktail Kit, £12.75</a></h3>

This copper-plated barware kit could tempt faithful G&T drinkers into more adventurous territory. The set contains a double jigger (yes, that really is what it’s called) to measure both single and double shots, a 25cm long twist-effect mixing spoon and a cocktail strainer. You'll be whipping up Singapore Slings in no time.

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Step two – time for the main ingredient

Tesco Finest Aromatic Gin, £17

<h3><a href="">Tesco Finest Aromatic Gin, £17</a></h3>

This is own-brand, but not as you know it. Tesco Aromatic Gin is distilled in an award-winning distillery which is also one of the oldest in Britain. Created using nine classic botanicals, this spirit has a subtle earthy flavour lifted by notes of citrus.

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Rock Rose Premium Scottish Gin, £35.20

<h3><a href="">Rock Rose Premium Scottish Gin, £35.20</a></h3>

Rock Rose is made in Caithness in Scotland – in a traditional copper pot still named Elizabeth – using a collection of local and traditional botanicals. As well as the usual ingredients, it contains Sea Buckthorne, a silvery leafed shrub that grows along the local coastline and has a fruity, yet crisp, flavour.

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Firebox Unicorn Tears Liqueur, £39.99

<h3><a href="">Firebox Unicorn Tears Liqueur, £39.99</a></h3>

Yes, this really exists. Firebox claim that this gin will help you “embody the purity, power and potency of nature's most sacred steed” – a claim crying out for being put to the test. This liqueur is as glittery as you'd expect a drink made from real unicorn tears to be. It'd make the perfect present.

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Hoxton Gin, £31.98

<h3><a href="">Hoxton Gin, £31.98</a></h3>

Hoxton Gin stands out from the crowd because it is flavoured with some rather unconventional botanicals: coconut, grapefruit, iris, tarragon and ginger. This combination of ingredients makes for a distinctly tropical flavour that will add a summery twist to a gin and tonic.

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Anno Gin, £36.09

<h3><a href="">Anno Gin, £36.09</a></h3>

Anno is distilled in Kent using a secret blend of local hops and lavender from the award-winning national lavender collection at the Downderry Nursery, along with other flowers and samphire from the historic Romney Marsh.

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Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur, £18

This incredibly versatile liqueur has an intense rhubarb aroma and warming ginger aftertaste – plus, its delicate rose colour makes for some very pretty drinks. This liqueur works well with tonic, soda or lemonade, is excellent in cocktails, and can be added to a glass of fizz or simply served over ice.

<h3><a href="">Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur, £18</a></h3> Buy it now

Tesco Finest Sloe Gin, £17

<h3><a href="">Tesco Finest Sloe Gin, £17</a></h3>

This Tesco Sloe Gin contains whole sloe berries and is flavoured with hints of cherry and almond. Sloe gin is traditionally a wintry drink – you can even mull it when the weather gets a bit colder – but add a dash to a glass of prosecco to enjoy this gin all year round.

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Seedlip Non-alcoholic Gin, £25.60

<h3><a href="">Seedlip Non-alcoholic Gin, £25.60</a></h3>

Fed up with super sugary soft drink alternatives to booze? Now you can enjoy a G&T even if you're not drinking. This non-alcoholic version from Seedlip is made like a gin with botanicals including allspice, grapefruit, lemon peel, cardamom, American oak and cascarilla bark. It's fresh, full of flavour and sugar and calorie free.

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Step three – finishing touches

Copa de Ballon Gin & Tonic Cocktail Glasses, £12.99 for a set of 6

<h3><a href="">Copa de Ballon Gin & Tonic Cocktail Glasses, £12.99 for a set of 6</a></h3>

You can't serve an expertly mixed drink in any old glass. The long stem on these glasses is designed to ensure your drink doesn't get warm whilst the large bowls trap the aromas and flavours of your drink – the fact that they can accommodate large quantities of gin is just a happy coincidence.

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A wedge of lime is always a welcome addition to a G&T, but there's a whole world of garnishes out there – be adventurous! Why not try adding some pink grapefruit instead?

Many distillers recommend particular garnishes to accompany their gins: Rock Rose recommend a spring of rosemary and a twist of orange and, if you really want to push the boat out, Anno recommend a spray of samphire.

Step four – sit back and enjoy!