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Mumsnet picks: best back-to-school pencil cases

selection of pencil cases

Pencil cases are a key medium for self-expression in the classroom. They’re also useful for preventing your from child losing their protractor for the seventeenth time. If the thought of venturing into Smiggle is bringing you out in a cold sweat, fear not: we’ve scouted out 10 of the best

Tinc Buds pencil case, £15

<h3><a href="http://tidd.ly/8f549955">Tinc Buds pencil case, £15</a></h3>

This hardtop pencil case is fun but sturdy. “Buds” can be collected and clipped into the eyelets on the top of the case to customise the look – the pencil case even comes with four “Buds” to start off your child's collection. It also has plenty of storage space with three layers and two mesh pockets inside.

Buy it now from John Lewis

Jellyfish pencil case, £8

<h3><a href="http://tidd.ly/e4dd291e">Jellyfish pencil case, £8</a></h3>

This canvas pencil case is shaped like a jellyfish and even features ribbon tassel tentacles for an authentic under-the-sea vibe.

Buy it now from Paperchase

Multi-layer pencil case, £8.99

<h3><a href="http://amzn.to/2xyrulD">Multi-layer pencil case, £8.99</a></h3>

A pencil case that looks like it means business. It has four layers and can store up to 72 pens and pencils – perfect if you've got an arts and crafts hoarder on your hands.

Buy it now from Amazon

Gemma Correll unicorn pencil case, £12

<h3><a href="http://tidd.ly/61a8c8ea">Gemma Correll unicorn pencil case, £12</a></h3>

2017 truly has been the year of the unicorn and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. This cute pencil case features a cartoon designed by artist Gemma Correll.

Buy it now from John Lewis

Wilkinson's clear plastic pencil case, £0.50

<h3><a href="http://tidd.ly/154dc364">Wilkinson's clear plastic pencil case, £0.50</a></h3>

We hate to mention exams (sorry) so early in the academic year, but if your kids are going to do them then you're going to want to stock up on some of these clear cases – especially as they're only 50p.

Buy it now from Wilkinson's

Paperchase scented watermelon pencil case, £13

<h3><a href="http://tidd.ly/2569ff7b">Paperchase scented watermelon pencil case, £13</a></h3>

Remember scented gel pens? Well now you can house your scented pens in a scented pencil case thanks to Paperchase. It even has googly eyes – what more could any child (or adult for that matter) want?

Buy it now from Paperchase

Animal "Frank" Dinosaur pencil case, £12

<h3><a href="http://www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinaffid=67689&awinmid=1203&clickref=MN_25Aug17_DinoPencil&p=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.johnlewis.com%2Fanimal-children's-frank-dinosaur-pencil-case-green%2Fp2905283">Animal "Frank" Dinosaur pencil case, £12</a></h3>

Frank the friendly dinosaur will store your stationery in style. If we had to pick an MNHQ favourite pencil case, this would be it.

*Fire not included

Buy it now from John Lewis

Uanyi Pixel Bags build-your-own pencil case, £8.84

<h3><a href="http://amzn.to/2vcWESL">Uanyi Pixel Bags build-your-own pencil case, £8.84</a></h3>

A rainy day activity and a pencil case rolled into one: this pencil case is fully customisable. It comes with around 50 'pixels' which can be attached to the exterior of the case and arranged in the pattern of your choice and, if you really want to get creative, extra packs of pixels can be purchased in a variety of colours.

Buy it now from Amazon

Sara Miller Flamingo pencil case, £22

<h3><a href="http://tidd.ly/84c1350c">Sara Miller Flamingo pencil case, £22</a></h3>

A more sophisticated option with a stylish flamingo print, this pencil case could also be used as a nice make-up bag once your child ditches it for something new.

Buy it now from John Lewis

Wilkinson's Petal pencil case, £2

<h3><a href="http://tidd.ly/a1a6fb5f">Wilkinson's Petal pencil case, £2</a></h3>

Back to school season can be an expensive time of year so we're all about saving a few pennies where possible. This Wilko pencil case is cheap and cheerful – but it doesn't look it.

Buy it now from Wilkinson's