Life hacks - simple ways to make family life easier

life hacks

Ever found yourself saying 'There must be an easier way'? You're not alone.

We've harnessed the strength of the Mumsnet hive mind to bring you the very best advice on everything from sneaking veg into your kids, to looking great for less.


Make starting school a breeze

Girl on school run

Ah, they grow up so fast! For those with a little one about to start reception – school up on these wise words from folks who've been there before.

Top tips for healthier eating

veggie soup

Struggling to convince your kids to give peas a chance? Here's how to improve your family's diet (without making your life any more difficult).

Little tricks for big savings


Make your money go further with these ingenious money-savers and spending guides.

Beauty hacks you'll thank us for


Looking good doesn't have to be stressful – take the faff out of your beauty routine with Mumsnetters' tips and tricks.

Making pregnancy (a little) easier

Pregnancy can be a rough ride – make it a little smoother with these words of wisdom from other Mumsnetters.

Cunning kitchen shortcuts


From microwave marvels to easy cheats, make the most of family mealtimes with these tricks.

Worklife checklist

Whether you're looking at returning to work or climbing the ladder, fellow working parents share their tips to help you along the way.

Expectant parent planner

pregnancy bump

Wondering what life with a baby has in store? Parents who've been there (and survived) share the steps to take to get ready for your new arrival.

Tech savvy tips

You may think you know everything your gadgets can do, but these tech tips might surprise you.

Fit bits

Searching for inspiration to get yourself and your family off the sofa/away from the computer? Here's how to boost your energy levels.