Why dressing like a mum is nothing to be ashamed of

Diverse group of strong women

If you're a mother and you wear clothes, then congratulations – you dress like a mum. Here's why we're proud to #wearitlikeamum

'Dress like a mum' – what does that even mean?

“I am a mother, I wear clothes – ergo, I dress like a mum.” Style genius

Well, quite.

“It's not a problem for us if a banker looks like a banker, a teacher like a teacher, an art student like an art student, or a style blogger like a style blogger. So why on earth should anyone have a problem with a mother who looks like a mother?”

Mother helping homework

Begs the question – why IS “mumsy” considered to be an insult?

“'Mumsy' is a word used by some people to describe other women who 'don't make the best of themselves'. This is based on the assumption that women have a duty to 'look their best' so as to not frighten the horses.”

Funny horse

So it has literally nothing to do with the reality of looking after kids then?

“Maybe we would all feel better if we just redefined 'mumsy' as 'stained with child's detritus'.”

Messy baby

TBH, they should be grateful we're wearing clothes at all – life with small babies is tough

“Let's just aim for leaving the house clean and tidy and be done with it.”

Woman park stroller

So let's stop judging ourselves

“I don't care what anyone else does. Knock yourself out and shout 'I am woman, hear me roar'.”

Wonder woman

And wear what makes US happy

“Wear clothes that make you smile and which are comfortable and suitable for the life you lead.”

Stylish mother and child

You never know – it could catch on…

“I'm now imagining an entire tribe of subversive mumsy radicals storming parliament in their mom jeans and fleeces. I like it.”

Mom jeans