Mumsnetters review the HIPPOBAG from HIPPOWASTE

We asked 24 Mumsnetters to test the HIPPOBAG rubbish removal service – you can take a look at the thread here or read on for their feedback

What are HIPPOBAGs?

Forget hiring a bulky skip (not least because they seem to encourage a waste disposal free-for-all), HIPPO offer flexible solutions for rubbish removal across the UK. The iconic yellow HIPPOBAGs arrive flat-packed and, with a 6-month collection timeframe, users can take their time filling their bag. With collections available across the UK, HIPPOBAGs are the perfect way to dispose of household, garden or building waste.

How does it work?

1. Order your HIPPOBAG and collection online – you’ll get a pre-paid collection code and the HIPPOBAG will be delivered to your home the next working day, or you can pick them up from over 2,000 DIY stores across the country.

2. Fill them up with as much as you can possibly squeeze in there. The bags arrive flat-packed so you can store them easily until you’re ready to use them. Also, don’t worry if you don’t get around to that ambitious DIY project for a while – you’ve got a six month collection window on your HIPPOBAG.

3. Book your collection. Either use your pre-paid collection code, buy a collection online, or give the HIPPO team a call to arrange a pick-up that suits you.

4. HIPPO collect all your rubbish. You don’t even have to be in, just leave your bag in a convenient spot and they’ll take it away.

The Mumsnet verdict

What did you use your HIPPOBAG for? Have you ever used one before?

The majority of our testers had never used a HIPPOBAG before and took advantage of the product test to either tackle a big project, get rid of the detritus left behind by a previous undertaking, or – as one Mumsnetter put it – to simply get rid of “years of accumulated tat.”

“We had an extension done last year and are still renovating some rooms so it was for general waste and small bits of furniture.”

“We were clearing a site for a greenhouse and there were various bits of stuff, including chunks of concrete, that we needed to get rid of.”

What means of waste removal have you used in the past?

Most of our testers had previously spent their weekends lugging rubbish to the tip (always a pleasure) or, if they were lucky, had rubbish removed by tradesmen after jobs were completed. A few brave Mumsnetters had hired skips for previous clear-outs, but found that having a skip on the drive invariably leads to chancers taking the piss taking advantage…

“In the past we have just taken it to the tip, but we have SO much garden waste that it would take weeks of solid tip trips to shift it all.”

“Never used a skip, way too many people take liberties with skips – no-one touched my HIPPOBAG though! We usually do tip runs.”

What did you like most about the HIPPOBAG?

Our Mumsnet testers were impressed by the sheer ease of using HIPPOBAGs; they liked how simple it was to get your hands on a bag and how the waste was collected with minimal fuss. Mumsnetters were also pleased with how small the bags were when they arrived – and how huge they actually turned out to be.

“I loved how simple the whole process was.”

“I liked that it arrived in the post looking small but was actually MASSIVE. I also liked the fact that it didn't damage the lawn in any way.”

How did you find the collection experience and the overall quality of the service?

All of our testers were very happy with the quality of the service they received from HIPPOWASTE: the team on the phone were deemed to be friendly and helpful, and many testers were surprised by how speedily their bags of waste were collected. A couple of testers did feed back that they found the five day collection window a bit non-committal and would have preferred a definite date.

“The collection was able to happen without any involvement on our part at all so perfect if you're out all day.”

“The person on the phone was really friendly and helpful. The HIPPO SKIP was picked up one morning without us even noticing… One minute it was there, then, like magic, it was gone!”

Based on your experience, would you use HIPPO again in the future? And recommend to friends?

Almost all of our testers said that they would definitely use HIPPO again and some have already recommended the service to their friends and family. A few testers fed back that more guidance on which size of bag would suit their needs would have been helpful, as well as clearer guidelines on the maximum weight of the bags.

“I would recommend hippo bags and actually already have. Much nicer than a big bulky metal skip stuck outside your house.”

“Yes I definitely would, it's a great way to declutter. The midi bag was too small for us but that was my own fault for underestimating how much we were going to use it. I would upsize next time.”

Try a HIPPOBAG for yourself

If a big clear out is on the cards, or you fancy getting stuck into an ambitious DIY project, let HIPPO take care of the rubbish so you can concentrate your energies elsewhere.

Make sure you visit the Hippo website to see the latest discounts and offers.

Order your HIPPOBAG here

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