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Mumsnetters review GPDQ

woman booking appointment after taking daughter's temperature

We asked Mumsnetters to test GPDQ – an app which promises to deliver a doctor to your door within hours – and give their feedback. Check out the full thread here, or read on for a summary of their findings.

What is GPDQ?

Launched in 2015, GPDQ connects patients directly with a local NHS GP who will visit them at a location of their choice, even out of hours. As well as routine visits, GPDQ doctors can provide referrals, prescriptions and vaccinations.

How does GPDQ work?

Booking an appointment is easy: simply request a GP via the app, over the phone, or on their website, confirm your location, then wait for the doorbell to ring. You can track your doctor's progress once they're en route using the app. All GPDQ doctors are not only UK trained and registered with the General Medical Council, but also have to pass GPDQ's rigorous interview and background check process, as well as complete thorough training. Doctors employed by GPDQ continue to work within the NHS and receive ongoing clinical and educational support.

Costs are calculated on a time basis and there are no hidden fees. Your GP can discuss multiple issues, or even see multiple family members in one visit. Prices start at £120 for a 25 minute consultation.

GPDQ is open seven days a week, from 8am to 11pm, and is available across Greater London and Birmingham.

If you're interested in trying this service for yourself, you can book an appointment here.

The Mumsnet verdict

Who did you book this service for?

Most of our testers booked this service for either themselves or their children, but a few took advantage of the opportunity to share an appointment between family members.

“I booked for my two-year-old son who is currently sporting a broken arm and had come down with a cold/gunky eyes. I didn't fancy taking him to the doctor to get some eyedrops, so I thought I'd bring one here.”

Would you use the service again?

The majority of the Mumsnet testers said that they could envisage using the service again if they were in a situation that did not warrant a trip to A&E, but still needed an appointment or a prescription urgently. Testers who don't have a car also noted that it was reassuring to know the service existed in case they were unable to travel to their GP. Some testers found the cost prohibitive, even if they liked the idea, so would only consider it for emergencies.

“If one was going away the next day and needed an assessment or medication, it would be a godsend.”

“I like the idea of the service. It saves having to travel to a surgery/walk-in centre when feeling unwell. If money was no object, or in case of extreme emergency, I would use the service again.”

Who would you book the service for in the future?

“Myself or the children or my elderly mother, who finds it very hard to get to GP. She has to be taken by someone and we are not always available.”

woman answering door to doctor

How easy was it to use the app?

Our testers generally found the app itself easy to use. Several compared it to Uber in its simplicity. Most of our testers managed to use the app successfully. Some, however, felt the app did not work as well as it should and had to abandon booking via the app and book over the phone instead. We have passed this feedback on to GPDQ and they are already working on fixing the technical glitches flagged by our testers.

“The app was straightforward to register for but none of the actual tracking or scheduling functionality worked for me.”

“It's easy to use but needs to be updated, at least to enable you to book in advance. The app only lets you book at the time you open the app.”

Do you feel the price is fair for the service you received?

Several of our testers said the service was currently out of their price range, but not over-priced for the quality service offered. A few testers suggested that greater transparency about pricing – particularly regarding extra charges for appointments that overrun – would improve the service.

“I think it's expensive but you do get a very good service for your money.”

“I think it is very fair given that you have access to a highly-qualified professional. Whether it is affordable is a different question!”

“We had an extra £50 added and there was no indication from the doctor that he was running over. I’d definitely be clock-watching if I did use again.”

How quickly did your doctor arrive?

There were mixed results in response to this question, with one MNer getting a doctor on her doorstep within 20 minutes and others abandoning the process as the wait times were too long. Like Uber, the wait time seems dependent on when and where you request an appointment.

“This was not a fast service, the appointment was booked at 7pm and the GP arrived at 10:20pm – the app said 11:20 pm so not real time.”

“Initially, I booked via app at 08:00. It said the doc would arrive at 10:30. I had a call at 08:40 confirming that new doctor would be there within 30 mins but he actually arrived at 08:50. So very speedy!”

Were you satisfied with the service received?

The vast majority of our testers found the human side of GPDQ excellent. The doctors were friendly, professional and thorough, and the customer service staff also received positive reviews. It was generally only the technical side of the app that was found to be in need of improvement and, based on our testers' feedback, these problems are being addressed by GPDQ.

“Yes, the doctor was lovely. He was actually off duty but noticed that he lived close to me and could easily come (it was snowing that day) so my wait was less than two hours instead of four hours on a Sunday morning! Impressive.”

“Am really happy with the doctor, he was great. The person I spoke to on the phone was also helpful. However, I felt that some of the technological functions (like arrival time showing on the app) need to be improved.”

“The GP was very good on the actual visit. Very knowledgeable. But before he left he said we would be emailed info he had discussed during the appointment (including a medication he recommended) but, over two weeks later, we still haven't received this.”

Would your recommend the service to a friend?

The majority of our Mumsnet testers said that they would recommend GPDQ to their friends – especially those with children – as they feel it's a good thing to know about it in case of urgent or out of hours situations. They said they would probably only recommend the service to friends who could comfortably afford it. Some Mumsnetters didn't feel the app was quite up to scratch and said that they probably wouldn't recommend it until a few aspects of the process were improved.

“Yes. Tbh it was a godsend not sit on phone for 20 mins on hold with two small children at my feet, praying for a GP appointment.”

“I think the app itself is very comprehensive but the service has potential for improvement. So I wouldn't recommend until these problems are addressed.”

Try GPDQ for yourself

If you're be interested in trying this service for yourself, you can book an appointment here.