Signs you're totally obsessed with The Great British Bake Off

May as well face it, we're a nation of Bake Off addicts. From tittering at Mel and Sue's yeasty innuendos to welling up over Nadiya's winners' speech - here are a few signs that you too are hooked on #GBBO

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You've been waiting what feels like FOREVER for a new series


"This year's GBBO has been delayed until the end of August due to the Olympics."

"I thought I'd missed it! I'm more relieved than I should be that I haven't."

You're inclined to think the whole competition revolves around you

mary berry

"They actually changed the starting date because I am away on holiday until 24 August and they didn't want me to miss it. I am very grateful to the BBC." 

Is that YOU posting on Mumsnet, Mary?

You can't help but get carried away


"I realised it's on a Wednesday, not a Tuesday. I had bought wine, nibbles and all. 

I had to consume them all to cheer myself up."

Totally justified. 


You're rather protective of OUR Bake Off

British flag bake off cake

"They have a version of the show in France too - but it's not a patch on the British one."

Sorry France. Love your pastries though.


You've developed a rich Bake Off-based fantasy life

mel and sue gossiping in bake off

"This is the time where I get on my pinny and pretend I'm baking for Paul and Mary - while also making funny quips to myself a la Mel and Sue."

All the rolls rôles.


You'll abandon basic moral principles in order to watch it

"When the new episode airs, I'll be on holiday in Wales - so my family thinks I won't be watching it. However, I am pregnant - so I'll be very tired and NEED to be in the hotel by 8pm. In front of the telly."


You're fully committed to the cause

"We love making things to eat with the show - often what was the best bake the week before - costs me a fortune in ingredients!"

Presume our invite's in the post?

You have new aspirations for your children

Paul Hollywood talking about bread/ or cakes

"My youngest son loves the show, I'm hoping he'll grow up to be the next Paul Hollywood. He's already six and making a mean lemon drizzle!"

The Hollywood is strong in this one.

Your schadenfreude has schadenfreude

"My fave moments were The Great Howard Custard Theft and The I Presented A Cake To Mary Berry In A Dustbin Shame. Even now I'm still agog that he did that."

What scandals will unfold this series? <anticipatory shiver>

You don't want to have favourites, but...

Nadiya Pop cake

"It will take someone really special to knock Nadiya from her position as my favourite ever winner."

"I agree! Remember she made the cake that looked like a can of fizzy soda balancing in mid air? Genius. She always looked so worried in the early episodes, but by the end, she realised that she deserved to be there. Loved her!"


The whole damn thing makes you unaccountably emosh

hugging in bake off

"My son has Asperger's and is prone to faddy obsessions - but baking is the one that has really stuck. When Bake Off is on we both cuddle up and chat happily about which recipe he might like to try next, and who on the show is our favourite. It's weird but I'm actually tearing up thinking about how much we enjoy it!"

Just something in our eye.

In summary...

Paul Hollywood

"GBBO is my JAM (pun intended)."



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Last updated: 5 months ago