Practical festival fashion essentials

Off to Glastonbury or Latitude this summer? Here's how festival-loving Mumsnetters balance style with pragmatism

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Keep dirt out of sight - and out of mind


"A hat will hide your hair if it gets unruly - and keep you warm/shade your face."

"Bring a bandana or something to tie your hair up in. By Sunday nobody (including you) will care what your hair looks like and/or look worse than you - and you may not see a mirror from one end of the day to the other."

"Get some dark nail varnish - so you don't see the crud accumulating under your nails..."

Layers are your friends



"I bought a patterned kaftan today for Glasto - I'll put a long sleeve T-shirt under it if cold and if it's hot, it will keep the sun off."

"Leggings under dresses or long line tops are great for cold or wet weather. They also roll up really small so you can take lots of pairs."

"I'd layer a vest, top and sweatshirt under a waterproof and remove layers as necessary."

Be savvy with your footwear


"Get a hiking boot or sturdy running shoe with good arch support (eg Merrell). Festival sites are HUGE, mainly big fields with some paths between them, and a lot of it is relatively bumpy underfoot."

"If it's not predicted to be apocalyptically wading-through-puddles wet, I'd go for waterproof hiking boots over wellies as they're a hell of a lot more comfortable."

"Boots, whatever the weather - people will stand on your feet in the crush and by Sunday you'll be knee deep in plastic rubbish.

Go shorter - and avoid jeans


"Skirts - you won't want to drop trousers on portaloo/drop loo floors."

"Shorts/short dresses are useful during the day as if it's sunny, hoorah, and if it's muddy it's easier to wash/pick dried mud off your legs than off trousers. Jeans are terrible in the rain, it soaks in and then they sort of dry onto your legs."

Pack light and carry on



"A cross-body bag or bum bags are really popular so you can be hands-free."

"My husband will carry a backpack and I'll have a cross-body bag for hand sanitizer, light layers, tissues and lip gloss (priorities!)"

"Don't go too mad carrying stuff, as you'll be doing a lot of walking/standing. While saying that, be aware that depending on where you're camping 'just popping back to the tent' can take an hour..."

Be prepared



"It can be FREEZING after dark, so I recommend having a nice warm fleece or two and something cosy to wear to sleep in."

"Get loads of thermals and long sleeves for when it's freezing at night."

"If I had the money I'd buy the lightest, warmest more waterproof technical clothes I could."

And finally, have fun - this is your chance to shine


"Lots of glittery face paint and makeup. I always treat Glastonbury like a five-day fancy dress party and go for as much sequin and sparkle as possible."

"If you want to dress up a bit, get yourself to the charity shop and buy a really mad top, sequin leggings, or make a headdress. The madder the better at night!"

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