Whether you're looking for books or films to keep your children occupied, or just want to make sure a night in watching the telly is well spent, we've got you covered on the entertainment front.


Sky Kids' Club

Mum and daughter play together

Looking for something to keep the kids entertained during the Easter season? Sky Kids has everything you need to keep them occupied.

Entertainment with Sky Kids

Kids on tablet

Need another 15 minutes to unload the dishwasher/check AIBU/finish your gin? The Sky Kids app has just won Mumsnet Rated, so you can let them enjoy safe, educational and fun shows and games.


With winter going nowhere, what better time to snuggle up with a truly addictive box set? Pack the kids off to bed early, reserve your seat on the sofa and whack one of these on – you need only worry about the snacks

Children's books

Woman reading with child

From old favourites to exciting new debuts, this is the place to find books to inspire and delight children of all ages.


reading a book

From parenting books that really do help, to psychological thrillers with so many twists and turns, they'll make you feel a wee bit dizzy (if that's your bag), we've got all your literary needs sorted. Now, where to find the time to read them all…


Woman watching film on tablet with toddlers

In need of a nice gentle film that your toddler can sit through (and won't bore you silly) or a suggestion for movie night with the OH? Mumsnetters are here to help.