Mumsnetters review the Ebac Dehumidifier


For many people, drying laundry indoors is a necessary evil. But the process is time – and space – consuming and can make everything else a bit damp, too. We asked ten Mumsnetters to test drive the Ebac Dehumidifier to see if it made a difference when drying their washing indoors. Check out the thread here, or read on for their feedback…

What is an Ebac Dehumidifier?

Ebac dehumidifiers are specially designed to tackle condensation, damp and mould issues in the rubbish British climate. They can also be used to dry laundry if you don't have a tumble drier. However – unlike a tumble dryer – dehumidifiers eliminate excess moisture in your home by removing condensation caused by poor ventilation and steam from showers and cooking. This helps prevent mould and unpleasant odours and also filters the air during use, helping improve air quality.

Ebac dehumidifiers are powerful, portable and, importantly, quiet. They come with a unique 100% condensation cure guarantee, meaning you can get a full refund if you don't see results. You can get your hands on one from Amazon here.

The Mumsnet verdict

How much water was collected/removed?

All of our testers reported collecting a lot more water than they anticipated when they started using their dehumidifiers, although one Mumsnetter found it difficult to measure as she had to contend with an over-zealous DS emptying the tray at very regular intervals.

“Nearly a whole tank over a 24 hour period! I was really surprised, never thought it would be that much.”

“I was amazed that this water is normally just floating round the house!”

What were the benefits of using the dehumidifier over your usual method of drying laundry indoors?

All but one of our Mumsnet testers reported a noticeable reduction in the time it took to dry clothes when using the dehumidifier, compared with their usual method. Some Mumsnetters even reported empty laundry baskets for the first time in months (we're green with envy).

“Usually the washing would still be very damp in the morning after being hung up last thing at night but I was amazed that every single item was dry when I checked it. My laundry basket is empty for the first time in months.”

“As a comparison, I took one of my son's shirts and hung it elsewhere in the house. It was still damp to the touch well after the other items were dry.”

Were there improvements in air quality/humidity/condensation? If so please explain.

All of our testers, who had previously been fighting a losing battle with condensation, noticed a marked improvement when using the Ebac dehumidifier. Many reported that their houses felt warmer and smelled better.

“The air quality felt better. I’ve had a persistent cough for months and have noticed great improvements in that.”

“The air quality felt better (and given the state of the filter, I definitely think that it has improved it) and there was a noticeable difference in the amount of condensation.”

How easy did you feel the product was to use?

All the Mumsnet testers found the dehumidifier easy to use (a little too easy, in the case of one overly-curious little boy), but a couple of users said adding wheels would make it easier to manoeuvre around the house.

“It couldn't have been simpler to use. You plug the dehumidifier in and off you go!”

“If anything it may be a bit too easy to use as DS soon discovered how to open the hatch and find the water tank which he invariably proceeded to tip over himself/the dried washing…”

Would you continue to use this product and would you recommend it to a friend or family member?

The consensus was unanimous – all ten of our testers will continue using their Ebac dehumidifiers and have already started recommending them to their family and friends.

“I am 100% going to continue using this product. It had never occurred to me to use a dehumidifier to help with drying laundry. I thought they were only for people with damp problems in their houses! I am converted.”

“Yes absolutely. I've already told other families who have similar houses with condensation/mould.
It's not a replacement for a tumble dryer but it's a great product if you don't have space for a tumble dryer.”

If you've been swayed by these glowing reviews (join the club), you can order your own Ebac dehumidifier here on Amazon