Charlotte Tilbury: The Mumsnet Edit

On the hunt for a high end make-up brand you can depend on? Mumsnetters recommend Charlotte Tilbury for luxurious creams, shades and powders that give a subtle-yet-polished look. Shop their favourites from the range below.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Bitch Perfect Lipstick, £24

<h3><a href="">K.I.S.S.I.N.G Bitch Perfect Lipstick, £24</a></h3>

From the name to the shade, there's a lot to like about Bitch Perfect. What's more, its orangey base notes, make it work with just about every skin tone (no really – just have a look at the website).
This versatility earns it high praise from the MNers. “It's my favourite shade at the moment and really wearable.” And, as another wearer simply puts it: “I LOVE it.”

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Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil, £19

<h3><a href="">Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil, £19</a></h3>

For a little pop of colour on your eyelids, Charlotte Tilbury's Colour Chameleon works on every level. The pencil applicator means it “stays put all day without creasing” while at the same time being very “easy to blend”.

Shades range from Champagne Diamond to Bronzed Garnet – which is picked out by Mumsnetters as being a “lovely colour”. One fan added, “I'd definitely repurchase it.”

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Unisex Healthy Glow Hydrating Tint, £35

<h3><a href="">Unisex Healthy Glow Hydrating Tint, £35</a></h3>

“The new Healthy Glow tinted moisturiser is bloody marvellous!” says one impressed Mumsnetter. “It goes on white but tiny beads of pigment burst onto your skin and adjust to your own skin tone. It sounds bizarre but it works.” And the effect? “It looks like a Photoshop filter.”

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Charlotte's Magic Cream, £70

<h3><a href="">Charlotte's Magic Cream, £70</a></h3>

Charlotte's Magic Cream, named due to its iconic status with celebrities and the like, could be the last moisturiser you ever need. Mumsnetters can't rate it enough, especially when “nothing, and I mean nothing” has worked before. “I look like I've had Botox,” one fan professed.

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The Bar of Gold Illuminating Highlighter, £32

<h3><a href="">The Bar of Gold Illuminating Highlighter, £32</a></h3>

Illuminating highlighters are the beauty products of the year, and essential if you're after dewy, glowing skin. But which one to go for? According to Mumsnetters, the cleverly named Bar of Gold imparts a “subtle sheeny glow to cheekbones”. The outcome is a look that's noticeable – “lots of women have commented positively on it” – without being too bright.

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Wonderglow Face Primer, £38.50

<h3><a href="">Wonderglow Face Primer, £38.50</a></h3>

Mumsnetters are a little bit smitten with this award-winning primer. “I asked for a sample of the Wonderglow to use as a base because I have oily skin, and I wanted to try it out first – and it's AMAZING.” Use it on its own, or follow it up with some foundation for a “finish that looks flawless”.

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Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask, £38

<h3><a href="">Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask, £38</a></h3>

For dedicated beauty product hunters, a fake tan that offers 'bronzed goddess' rather than 'streaky tangerine' can prove a tricky ask. But the search might be over with Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask, with which you can “wake up glowing”. “I'm genuinely porcelain pale,” says one milky-skinned MNer, “and this does not make me look like I've been Tangoed.”

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Legendary Brows, Supermodel, £18

<h3><a href="">Legendary Brows, Supermodel, £18</a></h3>

After years of being plucked into oblivion, full-figured brows are back in vogue. Mark their return with Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows eyebrow gel to shape your brows “perfectly”, without making them look “pencilled on." It's SO good that for those who have started using it, there's no going back. “The eyebrow gel is a must for me, I'd never be without it.”

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Uptown Girl Luxury Eyebrow Palette, £39

<h3><a href="">Uptown Girl Luxury Eyebrow Palette, £39</a></h3>

While all of Charlotte Tilbury's eyeshadows earn high praise, The Uptown Girl set is a particular favourite of MNers for being “especially gorgeous”. Use it for everything from smokey eyes for a night out, to a fresh “and much more professional” style for the office.

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The Retoucher Concealer, £25

<h3><a href="">The Retoucher Concealer, £25</a></h3>

Flush of face? Wonky skin tone? If you want something to balance your complexion the Retoucher Concealer earns praise for the texture of its finish – particularly on delicate “areas like under the eyes”. Another MNer points out that for her pink cheeks, this concealer “keeps them totally hidden”.

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Revolutionary Instant Magic Dry Sheet Mask, £18

<h3><a href="">Revolutionary Instant Magic Dry Sheet Mask, £18</a></h3>

When you want to give your skin a treat, but really don't want the faff of a gooey face mask, dry sheet masks are much less hassle (you just have to get over the slightly Friday-the-13th-vibes). Simply place the mask over your face, wait and then remove. The results? “It's amazing! My skin looks great, all glowy and fresh,” says one MNer. “Even my jaw line looks tighter. I'm tempted to put it back on!” All this in just 15 minutes AND you can use it three times.

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