Best skincare for winter

A selection of moisturising and protecting skincare products

Thanks to icy winds, central-heating and a serious lack of sunshine, winter can leave your skin dull, flaky and dehydrated. Check out our round-up of products that will help you regain that glow

Astral Original Moisturising Cream, £3.89 for 500ml

<h3><a href"">Astral Original Moisturising Cream, £3.89 for 500ml</a></h3>

“Astral Cream is BRILLIANT. I bought some two weeks ago and my skin hasn't looked so good in years. My skin looks and feels like rose petals and I am chuffed to bits!”

This versatile moisturiser can be used on face and body, and its rich formula means it's perfect for thirsty winter skin. With two pots sold in the UK every minute, Astral truly is a cult brand – those in the know absolutely rave about it.

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, £45.99

<h3><a href"">Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, £45.99</a></h3>

“I have really sensitive skin, but am prone to dry flaky areas. This is brilliant for me – it lasts for months and is extremely gentle and non-gritty.”

A gentle yet effective exfoliator, the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a unique rice-based enzyme powder that activates when made into a paste with water. It's suitable for all skin types, and will leave you with a brighter, smoother and more even complexion. It is pricey, so before you splash the cash there's a smaller sized version you may want to try first.

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The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter, £10

<h3><a href"">The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter, £10</a></h3>

“I've tried loads of different cleansers and the one I always come back to is The Body Shop camomile one. I adore it.”

A Mumsnet favourite, this cleanser melts away even waterproof make-up without irritating eyes or sensitive skin. The silky-soft balm formula cleanses and purifies without drying skin out – perfect for the winter months.

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Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster, £20

<h3><a href"">Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster, £20</a></h3> “I recommend Clarins fake tan concentrate. It doesn't make you brown – it's more of a healthy glow.”

If you can't quite rock the “pale and interesting” look, this clever product is exactly what your beauty routine has been missing. Simply add a few drops to your daily moisturiser and apply as normal – soon a natural-looking golden glow will develop. This idiot-proof self-tan can be tailored to suit your skin tone and will prevent a washed-out winter look.

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Garnier Moisture Bomb night cream, £7.99

<h3><a href"">Garnier Moisture Bomb night cream, £7.99</a></h3>

“I've been using the Garnier Moisture Bomb day and night creams and they've helped SO MUCH – loads of dry patches have gone and my skin feels softer.”

This moisturiser has a unique gel-cream texture that melts on contact with the skin, allowing it to be absorbed much more quickly without being greasy or sticky. Skin looks plumper and feels smoother from the first use.

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Soap & Glory Flake Away body polish, £8

<h3><a href"">Soap & Glory Flake Away body polish, £8</a></h3>

“I've found it's the best exfoliator out there for shins.”

Most of us neglect our scaly lizard legs as they're hidden away under thick tights or trousers all winter. Show your pins some love with this gorgeous smelling scrub filled with shea butter, almond oil and peach seed oil. It promises to take your legs “from reptilian to radiant” – what more could you want?

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Garnier Body Repair Body Lotion, £2.50

<h3><a href"">Garnier Body Repair Body Lotion, £2.50</a></h3>

“I've been using the Garnier body lotion in the red bottle for extra dry skin. It's amazing and cheap as chips.”

The formula of this nourishing body lotion is enriched with maple sap, which is known for its soothing properties. It's easy to apply, non-greasy and absorbs quickly – not bad for just a few quid!

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Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream, £3.99

<h3><a href"">Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream, £3.99</a></h3>

“I bought some Neutrogena hand cream as I had dry, cracked lizard hands to the point where my knuckles were bleeding. I've used it a couple of times and my hands are smooth already. They finally look normal after weeks and weeks of being scaly and red.”

Get instant relief if you suffer from dry, chapped skin all winter. This hand cream works actual magic – plus its concentrated formula means you get 200 applications out of a small bottle that can be carried around in your handbag.

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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Original lip balm with SPF 15, £1.99

<h3><a href"">Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Original lip balm with SPF 15, £1.99</a></h3>

“My lips could be bleeding from being so dry and chapped. After just one day of using this, they're lovely again.”

Palmer's lip balm is enriched with Vitamin E and has the added benefit of SPF 15 – perfect for protecting your lips while skiing. But one Mumsnetter swears by a more unconventional lip care product – Lansinoh nipple cream. We'll let you be the judge of that one.

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