Year 5 and Year 6 science

 What will they learn in Year 5 and Year 6?

During Year 5 and Year 6, children will look at the part science has played in the development of modern life, relating their study to contexts that are familiar and of interest to them.

Using a laptop and a microscope in a classroomThey will carry out scientific enquiries using a range of information, including first-hand and secondary data, and perform scientific investigations, learning the importance of testing ideas using evidence from observation and measurement.

Life processes and living things

Through their study of living things and life processes, children will learn that nutrition, growth and reproduction are common to both plants and animals. They will be taught how plants and animals can be identified and assigned to groups. They will also consider how certain animals are suited to particular habitats and the importance of environmental protection in ensuring adaptation, feeding relationships and the role of micro organisms are not disrupted. They will explore life cycles of animals and plants, as well developing their understanding how we can keep healthy.

Materials and their properties

Building on their knowledge of materials and their properties from previous years, children will continue to group and classify materials. They will explore the reversible and non-reversible changes that occur when materials are mixed, discovering how some mixtures can be separated. They also begin to develop their understanding of how gases behave.

Physical processes 

Physical processes covering electricity, forces and motion, light and sound and the Earth and beyond will be covered in increasing depth as children progress through the key stage. They will be taught to construct more complex electrical circuits, starting to draw circuit diagrams.

They will also learn more about gravitational and magnetic forces, including friction and air resistance. Children will explore the properties of light and sound, learning how we see and hear and be taught about the sun, Earth and moon and periodic changes.

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