Years 3 and Year 4 science

What will they learn in Year 3 and Year 4?

During Year 3 and 4, children begin to look at how science plays a part in modern life, related to familiar contexts.

Children using a microscopeThey will carry out scientific enquiries using a range of information, including first-hand and secondary data, and perform scientific investigations, learning the importance of testing ideas using evidence from observation and measurement.

Life processes and living things

During years 3 and 4, children will learn more about the aspects of human body, including the importance the skeleton and of looking after their teeth.

They will also explore the concept of a habitat, how it provides organisms found there with conditions for life and how animals depend on plants or other animals which eat plants for food. They will develop their earlier work on the conditions needed for plants to grow and begin to explore why these conditions are necessary.

Materials and their properties

In years 3 and 4, children start to become more specific in their explanations of why certain materials may be useful for certain purposes, according to their properties.

They will develop their understanding of the general properties of solids and liquids and
also explore rocks and soils.

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