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Year 2 science

What will they learn in Year 2?

Girls discuss growing plantsDuring Year 2, children continue to explore and investigate questions about the world around them. They begin to practise fair testing and use reference materials to answer simple scientific questions.

They should begin to use appropriate scientific language, and are encouraged to use simple drawings and charts to show what they have discovered.

Life processes and living things

As children compare themselves with other animals and study plants and animals in their natural habitats, they learn about life processes and living things.

They will learn to group living things according to similarities and differences. They will also learn how to stay healthy, to treat other living things with sensitivity and to care for the environment.

Materials and their properties

Children will continue to observe the properties of materials and will discover that some materials can be changed by squashing, stretching and bending. They will explore how some everyday materials change when they are heated or cooled.

Physical processes

Children will continue to develop their understanding of forces and movement, by discovering that when things speed up or change direction, there is a cause. They will also learn about everyday appliances that use electricity, make simple series circuits and find out how a switch can be used to break a circuit.

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Last updated: over 3 years ago