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Year 1 science

What will they learn in Year 1?

During Year 1, children are encouraged to observe and ask questions about the world around them, following on from the work done in the Foundation Stage as part of the area of learning known as 'Knowledge and Understanding of the World'. 

Child looking at a leaf through a magnifying glassThey begin to develop their scientific understanding through familiar everyday contexts, often learning through topics such as 'ourselves', light and dark' 'sound and hearing', 'growing plants', 'sorting and using materials', 'pushes and pulls' and so on.

Through these topics, they learn how to observe, explore and ask questions. They will collect and consider simple evidence from their practical work, they will be taught to share their findings and start to use simple scientific language.

They may show what they have found out by using simple drawings with labels.

Life processes and living things

As they grow plants and explore their senses and other aspects of 'ourselves', children learn about life processes and living things. They will discover the differences between living things and things that have never been alive and recognise and name the main parts of a plant.

Materials and their properties

Through observation and experimentation, children will become familiar with simple everyday materials and their properties, such as wood, plastic etc. They will use their senses to explore and recognise similarities and differences between materials, recognise and name the most common types and learn that some occur naturally.

Physical processes

Using bikes, scooters and wheeled toys, children learn about physical processes as they experiment with pushes and pulls. They will learn about different light sources, including the sun. They will also learn that sound becomes fainter as it moves away from the source and that sounds are heard when they enter the ear.


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