What did you do at school today?

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The average day in a Reception class will be extremely lively and busy. From the time you take your child into class in the morning to the time you pick them up their day will have been packed with direct learning, singing, role play, outdoor education, creative time, not to mention the excitement of lunch time in the dining room.

So what do you do when you ask them about their day and they come up with the inevitable 'nothing'?

The excitement and hectic schedule of the school day can make it hard for your child to decisively pinpoint exactly what they did. Often parents can be concerned that their child has no friends or is not participating in lessons as they are unable to process exactly what they have done.

To find out from your child what they did, it's a good idea to know what their current topic is, this will enable you to tailor your questions specifically.

If, for example, the topic is Dinosaurs, you can ask them 'Which dinosaur is the scariest?' 'Which dinosaur eats grass?'. Allowing them to teach you what they have learnt that day will reinforce the information for them and at the same time you know what they have been doing.

It's also a good idea to know what the different areas of the classroom are - does it have a Home Corner, for example? What's the theme of the home corner this week/term? You may be surprised by how inventive some schools can be with creating hairdressing salons, shops, garden centres etc.

Ask about outside learning areas and what they played with.

The more specific the questions, the more information you will get from your child. What sound did you learn on the carpet today? Who did you sit next to at lunchtime? Did you spend time with your teacher today?

Fun ideas to work on together

Draw a plan of your child's classroom together, or a map of the playground. Label where they hang their coat, where the books are, where they sit etc.

Find your school on Google Earth/street map - follow the route you use to get to school. See what you can spot that you recognise.


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