Phonics and Ofsted

January 2012 saw the revised Ofsted school inspection arrangements in England focusing more sharply on those aspects of schools' work that have the greatest impact on raising achievement.

Schools are now judged on a smaller number of core aspects. The four key areas of inspection are:

  • Pupils' achievement 
  • Quality of teaching 
  • Quality of leadership and management
  • Behaviour and safety of pupils

Two girls discussing a textbookOfsted inspectors are being asked to look more closely at reading, and at phonics in particular.

All inspectors have undergone phonics training to ensure that inspections from January 2012 onwards will cover phonics in detail. Where necessary, they will question phonics teaching techniques.

Inspectors will also be looking at a 'reading trail' in schools, including talking to the literacy coordinator, gathering data on student performance in reading, listening to children read, and talking to children about what they're reading outside school.

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Last updated: about 3 years ago