How often are Parents' evenings held?


Mother and child with a laptop

Most schools hold two Parents' evenings a year, often in the autumn and spring terms.

Autumn Term

Parents' evenings provide an opportunity for you to meet the teacher properly (and vice versa) and to discuss any 'settling in' issues in your child's new class, both from your point of view and the teacher's. It is also an ideal chance to inform your child's teacher of any particular interests your child may have and generally to build the basis of a constructive working relationship with the teacher. The teacher will be able to tell you how your child is doing so far, although bear in mind it will be early days, particularly if the Parents' evening is held in the first half of the autumn term.

Spring Term

Your child's progress, work and behaviour so far in the academic year will usually form the basis for the majority of the discussion. This means there is still at least a term left to work on any areas for development, before your child moves up into the next year group.

In addition, in the summer term (when annual reports tend to be sent home) many schools hold an Open Evening. These are usually for parents to come and view their children's work, possibly have an informal chat with the teacher and perhaps meet their next teacher. However, if you wish to discuss any specific issues in the annual report with the teacher, you can request an individual appointment.


Last updated: 2 months ago