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Why are Pearson involved? 

Our involvement in Mumsnet Learning isn't about encouraging parents to purchase reading schemes or worksheets to use at home. We know that's not the way to inspire a real love of learning in your child. But we do know that children whose parents are involved in their education are more likely to do well at school, so our aim is to give parents a bit of help and advice on education initiatives and jargon, and to suggest ways parents can support their child's learning at home.

We're big - the world's leading education company - and that means we can give Mumsnetters access to the best help and advice from the many primary education experts and respected authors we work with.

And it means we can give you lots of free resources, such as this month's free eBooks and phonics activities to help your early readers.

Why a shop?

As educational publishers and as parents too, teachers are always telling us that strengthening the home-school partnership is vital to children's learning. They also tell us that some of the books we produce for school use would be ideal for children at home because they have characters they love, like Ben 10, Angelina Ballerina and Wallace & Gromit, but are levelled appropriately, support their classroom learning and are a bit different from the dry reading scheme books they often send home.

That's why we've put a link to the Pearson for Parents shop on Mumsnet Learning. We've got some great packs of books at special Mumsnet prices, but there is plenty of useful and valuable content on the site even if you don't use the shop.

Tell us what you think

We really hope you find the Mumsnet Learning articles and resources useful. We'll be adding to the site monthly so keep coming back regularly to find out what's new.

If you want to know more about how Pearson can help parents, or you have any comments or suggestions, email us at

And if you want to know more about the Pearson philosophy, take a look at our video below.


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