Count to 10 animations


The following two animations are designed to help young children develop their counting skills.

Just click on the links to watch the animations.


number line


10 Little Monkeys Going to the Zoo

This animated rhyme helps children to count to 10 and to recognise the number symbols.






Things to do together:

  • Encourage your child to join in with the words and say the numbers.
  • Encourage your child to talk about what happens - how each different monkey arrives on screen and what they do.
  • Check your child understands what happens - for example, when the porcupine's sharp quills burst the bouncy castle.


number line


Count to 10

Count the monkeys together and hear the numbers read out.






Things to do together:

  • Encourage your child to join in and say the numbers out loud.
  • Encourage them to predict each number before it's spoken.
  • Click on the button next to the controls on the bottom bar to access the interactive number line. Move the cursor over a number and ask the children to say what it is. Click to hear the number spoken.
  • Use the line to count on or back at a pace appropriate to your child
  • Use the line to ask questions, eg Which number is above the bus driver? Which number comes after seven?




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