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Interactive times tables game


Times table game gridOur interactive times table game can help to make learning times tables more fun for your child. Click on this link or the picture:


Ideas for using the interactive game

  • Begin by selecting a small grid (3 x 3) which gives just gives the times tables from 1 x 1 up to 3 x 3. Use the pencil tool to remove numbers and ask your child to guess which numbers are missing. Use the pencil to click on the relevant square and see if they are right. As they get more confident with more times tables, expand the grid and repeat this, removing more numbers.
  • Use the highlight tool with the whole multiplication square to identify patterns. Can they highlight all the multiples of 5?  What does your child notice about them? Now try highlighting the 2 x and 4 x table. Are there any similarities (2s are double the 4s etc). Try finding odd numbers, even numbers, numbers which are the same and so on.
  • Remove cards from the grid and ask your child to replace them in the correct position. Begin by just removing a few, from times tables they know well and then gradually remove more.
  • Do any numbers appear more than once? Highlight them and talk about why this is.



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Last updated: over 3 years ago