Books and young children


Reading text together

Choosing books for your child should be fun for you and your child. The key is to choose books that you enjoy because, obviously, if you like the book, you're more likely to read it well and take your time. 

Books for two-year-olds

Look for plenty of pictures and a line or two of text. Two-year-olds like repetitive texts that they can join in with. 

Books for three-year-olds

Look for books that have good pictures or illustrations but also a little more in the way of a storyline. Books about children and animals are always popular.

Books for four-year-olds

At four, many children have developed clear tastes about which book characters they like (eg Little Bear). Children also start to enjoy books that are amusing. 

Look out also for a couple of books that are fun but simple, as many children want to 'read' a book by themselves.


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Last updated: about 3 years ago