What has the curriculum review found so far?

Teacher and class with a Big BookThe curriculum review's call for evidence drew well over 5,500 responses, mainly from teachers but also from others with an interest, such as parents and subject associations.

Generally, there was broad support for the concept of a National Curriculum - it provides a baseline and helps structure provision and progress - but many (49%) now saw it as too prescriptive and many others (45%) as suffering from too many changes.

In terms of core subjects, there was support in English for an emphasis on reading and formal writing, but a belief that phonics on its own is not sufficient to produce effective readers and other strategies were equally needed.

In maths, there was support for slimming down the primary curriculum to allow more time to master the key concepts, as well as for making greater use of 'real-life' situations to encourage deeper understanding and affinity for maths.

In science, there was support for combining the disciplines up to Key Stage 3, for incorporating more of the big issues along with the scientific facts and for bringing back more excitement to classroom science.

Based on this evidence, the review panel made many recommendations regarding the primary curriculum in their interim report at the end of 2011. 


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Last updated: 3 months ago