What does the curriculum review mean for primary schools in the meantime?

Young children using cubes to countUntil the new curriculum is agreed and published, schools will continue to teach the existing National Curriculum.

Before the Coalition government took office in 2010, primary schools were being encouraged to adopt a more cross-curricular approach to many subjects and many were already doing so.

For example, if children are learning how to write an information report in literacy, the teacher may ask them to write it about a place they have been studying in Geography.

Many schools are still taking this approach as they feel it helps to make the learning more meaningful.

Although there seems to be less emphasis on cross-curricular approaches in the new recommendations, many schools feel this is an important and successful part of primary teaching and will continue with to do so until advised otherwise.

How will the changes affect my child's education?

Implementation of the new curriculum will be a main focus for all schools in their school improvement plans when the changes are finalised. This should mean children’s education is not disrupted and the new curriculum is implemented smoothly.

Before the proposed changes take place, schools will receive training and advice on how to implement the new curriculum. The longer timeframe for the curriculum review should mean teachers are well prepared by the time the changes come into force.

No subject is being axed and many schools will be able to keep successful existing programmes of study.

No subject is being 'axed' and with greater flexibility for foundation subjects, many schools will be able to keep successful existing programmes of study, providing they fit with the new curriculum.

This could mean that many projects schools currently do, based around the foundation subjects, will still be taught, perhaps with just minor tweaks.

Some key areas and skills will always remain important, so continuing to support your child with reading, spelling, counting, times tables, talking about the world around them and so on, will always be beneficial and ensure they are best placed to make progress. 

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Last updated: 3 months ago