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Assessment for Learning in the classroom


Teacher with a group of young readers

The key characteristics of a classroom where AfL is working well will include: 

  • The children have targets - and know what they are 
  • Marking and classroom feedback will tell children what they did well and what they can do to improve 
  • Children and their peers are involved in assessing their own and each others' work 
  • Questions will be asked by children as well as by teachers and most questions will involve reflection rather than one correct answer

Any one of these characteristics may not be present in all classrooms at any one time because they will depend on the age of the children and the subject the children are learning.

But children working in an AfL classroom will consistently have some understanding that they are beginning to take some responsibility for their own learning and will have some awareness about why they are engaging in activities and how these activities will help them to learn.


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Last updated: 8 months ago