Bosses: the Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly

Mumsnetters share their best and worst managers ever. If you're in search of a new boss, the employer of your dreams could be waiting over on Mumsnet Jobs.

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The good...

1. "My current boss is wonderful - an inspirational leader and a gentleman. 

The business is really struggling to survive right now and he hasn't been paid for nearly six months - but still turns in to try and save the business and make sure the staff get paid. He totally rocks."


2. "He stood up for us; expected us to work hard and well, and had no truck with presenteeism.

At 5pm he'd tell us to get our coats."


3. "My best boss was quite happy to cover reception and anything else to make sure people had breaks.

A real team player."


4. "I can talk to my boss about anything and she will always make time to listen.

She treats everyone fairly across the board, which isn't always easy."


5. "I have the best boss. I'm marrying him next year!"




The bad...

6. "My boss flicked me on the head with a pen today."



7. "Our managers would sod off down the pub for four hours, while we did 10 hours a day with no break.

Then they'd come back and moan you'd not done some little thing."


8. "The boss who asked me what perfume I was wearing. When I said Impulse (it was the 80s!) she said she'd go to Superdrug and stock up. 

The next day she said she'd bought four as they'd be good air fresheners for the office loos."


9. "While I was teaching a class, my boss asked to see my scars after my first ectopic pregnancy...

...and expectantly waited for me to pull my waistband open."


10. "My colleagues weren't allowed to speak to each other except for good morning and good night - anything else had to be work-related. 

At lunch we had to all eat together in the canteen and the boss would tell you off if she didn't approve of your food."


...And the just plain weird

11. "My boss used to mock me for not knowing tiny details of 80s culture... 

...despite the fact I wasn't even born until the end of the 80s."



12. "He picked his nose constantly...

...and was always touching my keyboard while leaning over me."



13. One boss I had used to ply you with evangelical leaflets.

Before I got married I got a lecture on my wifely duties."


14. "Another boss would get phone calls saying her dog had escaped and was shagging a dog down the road.

She would jump in her car to go and fetch him without hesitation - she lived 30 miles away so it wasn't exactly a quick trip."


15. "I worked for one senior manager who claimed to shoot fish with a bow and arrow, and to be able to kill a man with a single blow.

We were all very, very cautious around him - just in case.”



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