The worst job interviews EVER

Vodka, vomit, and poo in pockets: Mumsnetters share their epic interview fails. Sounds like they'll be needing Mumsnet Jobs

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"I've just aced an interview by saying 'old lady's minge'.
The interviewer complimented me on my perfume. I meant to say, self-deprecatingly, that I thought it had 'a tinge of old lady'."

"I cried in an interview 10 years ago. Needless to say, I wasn't offered the job."

"After shaking hands with the panel in the hallway, I turned and fell down a flight of stairs.
Didn't get the job and laddered my tights."

"About 30 years ago I was interviewed for a job editing the magazine of the National Union of Seamen.
I kept having to say 'seafarers' to avoid blushing."

"I was interviewed at the BBC a few years ago, and they asked what I thought of a particular celebrity.
I replied that I wasn't really a fan, and thought he was unfunny, childish and a misogynist. Silence from the panel, and then 'That's unfortunate, because in this role you would be working alongside him on his team'."

Stony-faced interview panel


"A friend of mine unwittingly went to an interview with his toddler's poo in his pocket.
He was waiting to be called in, smelt something, tracked the smell to his pocket, put his hand in and there it was, now all over his fingers. Just then the person interviewing him came out to shake hands. He had to say he couldn't, because his toddler had pooed in his pocket and he had it on his hands."

"I'd had a nice relaxing bath with oils in before an interview once, and as I walked out of the room, my hold-up stockings slipped to my knees."

"I was once interviewed for an editorial job on the National Trust magazine by a panel of extremely well-to-do and genteel figures.
I waffled on about how I'd eventually like to launch a new type of magazine - an alternative to what the likes of Cosmo were offering, which was all 'feminism on one page, then how to give a blowjob on the next'. The silence must have lasted five minutes."

"I was so nervous in the last interview I attended that halfway through I reached over, grabbed the rubbish bin and threw up into it."

"They mentioned something about me seeming like a people person, so would get on well with customers.
To which, for some reason, I replied: 'Oh no, I hate the public'."

"When I was younger, I went for a very formal interview. I struggled to remember my own name. Tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth; I don't think I answered a single question.
The following year I returned, went to the pub first and drank a vodka. I nailed it."


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