11 incredibly daft job titles

daft job title, pork rinds expert

Mumsnetters share the job titles that make them snigger

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1. Business unit manager

Boy with an arse for a face

"Everyone called me a BUM for short."

2. Relationship manager

"My dad’s role - he just worked in a bank looking after customer accounts."


3. Principal wind specialist

fart cat farts away

"I couldn’t keep a straight face around him... all I could think about were farts."

4. Reality architect

mind blown from reality

"My friend calls herself this - she’s some kind of life coach."

5. Human resources manager

organ transplant paining

"Reminds me of organ transplants, for some reason."



6. Mixologist

Cocktail with Tom cruise 

"I guess at £15 a cocktail they can call themselves whatever they like."


7. Substance abuse facilitator

Super hands on Peep Show

"Sounds like a posh term for a drug dealer."

8. Global head of erections

Anchorman erection scene

"The father-in-law's old job. No, really."

9. Smart energy expert

smart is hot

"This is my job - know what I do? I install gas and electric meters."

10. Banana ripener

banana minion

"My friend’s birth certificate listed this as her dad’s profession (an avocado ripener would probably be more useful)."

11. Hedgehog officer

Hedgehog having a birthday party

"There was one on Radio 4 yesterday. How much of the day can you actually fill with hedgehog-related activity?"


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