Top reasons to be your own boss


computer on desk outsideBarclays asked mums to reveal the advantages of setting up their own business and, despite no office gossip and having to make your own tea, there are quite a few.

1. No office

"Working from home helps free my mind creatively - I can find inspiration in unlikely places at unexpected times. And because I don't have to travel to an office, the moment I get a great idea I can get to work on it, whatever the time of day."
Charlotte Noar, owner of Charlotte Noar Garden Design

2. Amazing colleagues

"I get the opportunity to work with people I want to work with, who I believe can make a difference. It means I can build a strong network."
Tabitha Somerset Webb, fashion entrepreneur who set up clothing range Project D with best friend Dannii Minogue

3. More family time

"My partner is my IT director, my little ones are always appearing in promotional photo shoots for the company, and my 14-year-old daughter even helps out at events and in the cookery school. It kind of turns the whole 'more time with my family' thing on the head, but it works for us."
Beverley Glock, founder of SPLAT Cooking, which runs cooking classes, workshops and parties across the UK

4. Not missing out

"Whilst it's hard juggling everything, I get the chance to be with my children and do my work which is important. So many people, particularly men, miss out on their children's childhoods." 
Elle Macpherson, founder of lingerie business Elle Macpherson Intimates
(Source: Sunday Mercury)

5. Doing what you love most

"The best perk has to be indulging my habit for shopping for gorgeous things! I am a shopaholic and love finding beautiful new products to put on our website." 
Donna Pinnell, founder of Little Lilypad Co

6. No clock watching

"I love the fact that I can set my own timetable. Some days I'll take a stroll with the dog before work and relax over lunch with friends, and others I can work solidly from 7am until 10pm!"
Haley Hill, founder of exclusive social network

7. No naysayers

"A great perk for me is having the freedom to develop my brand in anyway I feel best, rather than being part of a large corporate company where great ideas can get lost in processes and paperwork." 
Anna Hall, Auriol Outdoor Living, a company specialising in Bedouin tents and outdoor accessories

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8. Job satisfaction - and a great wardrobe

"Being able to afford fabulous clothes and shoes, and waking up every morning knowing that I enjoy my job." 
Jacqueline Gold, chief executive of Ann Summers and Knickerbox

9. No time wasters

"Working for other people brings all sorts of situations where you just know you could be working more efficiently if you were left to your own devices. Now I call the shots, I'll never have to waste a precious second of my time again."
Liz Wilkinson, MD, Frontcover Cosmetics

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