13 things that make your workplace GREAT

Do a job you love and you'll never do a day's work in your life: these Mumsnetters say amen to that sister - join their party over at Mumsnet Jobs.

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1. "A really good team - there isn't a single person in there that I would actively avoid maybe I'm the one being avoided."

Whip It 


2. "Flexible hours, working from home, and a boss who is just fundamentally a nice person."


3. "I look out of huge floor to ceiling windows over a lake with ducks and swans."Lake with ducks


4. "Because I do lots of lone working, I can eat what I want, kick off my shoes and put up my legs without becoming the subject of a MN thread


5. "No dress code."

Bridget Jones bunny tail 


6. "Laughing with the students."


7. "Having an office cat who sits on my lap all day and snuggles."

Cat watching laptop





8. "Even though I have a boss, it feels like I'm completely at ease to make decisions and judgement calls."


9. "Getting to cuddle babies."

Chummy Call the Midwife holding a baby


10. "I'm outdoors most of the day."


11. "Drinks every Friday in the office then over to the pub across the road."

Drunk dance


12. "Generous maternity leave package."


13. "We have a cake trolley every Wednesday, and our catering staff make the best scones in the world."

Mary Berry


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