10 insanely irritating office habits 

Mumsnetters share the office antics that drive them up the wall

1. Desktop hoarding


"I worked with a woman who used to buy dusty old cuddly toys from the charity shop at lunchtime and surround her desk with them."


2. Appointing oneself the office dietician

"We have a woman who interrogates everyone about their lunch. Please can we eat our lunch without someone going on about what's in it, how much it cost or how long it took to make, or if it's leftovers?"

3. Taking sole charge of the office temperature


"There's a woman who sits near me who rules the thermostat with a rod of iron."

4. Typing like your life depends on it


"Bashing your keyboard so hard it shakes the desk. We know you type fast. You don't need to hit the keyboard so hard that people in the next building can hear you!"

5. Getting too comfortable


"People who do their personal grooming at work. It makes my skin crawl when I can hear someone clipping their nails at their desk."

6. Eating in an unsociable fashion


"I once worked in a small room with one other person. I think she suspected I was a vampire. Why else would anyone eat so much garlic that the smell was strong enough to make my eyes water?"

7. Committing grim toilet crimes

"A chap made a little nest out of toilet roll on the floor of a cubicle, did a poo in it, and just left it there. How he got out of the cubicle without disturbing it is the real mystery, because there's not a lot of room."


8. Blatant responsibility shirking

"The cool guy or girl who is hungover every single day, and only doing the job until their band gets famous. They do fuck-all work because they're constantly exhausted from their wild nights out."

9. Dispensing unwanted wisdom

"I had a colleague who used to photocopy a passage out of a religious 'Thought for the Day' book and leave a copy on our desks every morning."

10. And finally - this unnerving dedication

"I had a colleague who brought a briefcase to work every day that contained nothing but a silver framed photograph of Gillian Anderson."

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