Mumsnet and LifeSkills

EllieIn support of the work we're doing with Barclays Lifeskills, we recently hosted 14-year-old Ellie Griffin-Roberts at our office for her work experience placement. We asked her to keep a diary of her experience here. This is how she got on:


I arrived at Mumsnet and was taken around the office to meet everyone. It was great to meet so many new faces but I knew I wouldn't be able to remember everyone's names!
I sat with a few of the teams and found out the basics of what they do and what Mumsnet does as a whole. I learnt what the Mumsnet editorial and community teams do – the community team have an interesting job of responding to all the queries from the Mumsnet users.

I spent the rest of the day with the sales team. I found sales quite interesting because it wasn't what I thought it would be like – it isn't just about trying to call people and sell things, it seemed more creative. I got to read some of their briefs and emails that they would send to clients.

I helped the sales team by responding to incoming emails and sending out media packs – packs that have details about the advertising options on Mumsnet and how much they cost.


I helped the sales team with sending out media packs again in the morning. In the afternoon, I sat with the manager of the sales team. I saw a lot of the campaigns that they had done previously with companies such as Cadburys and Aviva. I was given different briefs that had been sent by big companies. It was really interesting because I felt as though I really learnt what they do. I got to think about how I might respond to these briefs too, which was tough.


I really enjoyed Wednesday because I sat with editorial for the whole day. I looked at the sort of things that they needed to edit and I got to have a go at editing something myself. I helped organise the final edited pieces and read through them to see how they differed from start to finish.


Today I got to go to a meeting, which I really enjoyed. It really brought to life some of the information I'd learnt earlier in the week. The sales team had a meeting with a client and I went along and sat and listened to everything that was being said and what the final proposal was. I took notes on the ideas that Mumsnet had. I found the meeting really interesting.

For the rest of the day I helped to put together goody bags for an event Mumsnet were running – there were some really nice products in the bags like books, and make-up.


Friday was my last day at Mumsnet and I sat with editorial for the day. This was my favourite thing that I did in the office. I had been given lots of recipes of different foods that Mumsnetters had made. Lots of the recipes didn't have corresponding images so I had to find relevant ones.

I really enjoyed my week at Mumsnet. I came away with a better understanding of the business and found out more about different job roles and it changed my mind about what some jobs were like.




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