Questions you wish you could ask at interviews

"And do you have any questions for us?" DO WE?! We do. But we can't ask them...

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"What's your maternity leave policy?"

"I'd really like to ask about the gender split within the team - especially at senior level - but I can't really, can I?"

"How valued do the staff feel?"

"What are staff turnover levels like?"

"How do I get YOUR job?"

"Have any members of your team requested reduced hours, and were their requests successful?"

"How many days a week would I be allowed to work from home?"



"Are employees expected to pay for their own Christmas party?"

"So, what's the office banter like?"

"Why is the position vacant?"

"Why should I work for you?"

"Do your employees like you?"

"Are you always going to be as nice as you're coming across right now?"

"I know someone who got a job and ended up working in a really small, dark room with no one else on the same floor. So, last time I had an interview, I asked if I could see where I'd be working."

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