A day in the life: Standards Verifier


Have you ever wondered what it's like to work in Assessment? Standards Verifier Heidi McEntee, who is also a mother-of-three, explains the benefits of her role within Pearson and how it fits around family life

In 2008, Heidi was working as a dance teacher. A colleague suggested that she apply for Pearson's role of Standards Verifier, which would improve her understanding of the qualification she was delivering – and Heidi never looked back.

Over the years Heidi’s role has grown, becoming Team Leader, then Senior Team Leader and now Senior Standards Verifier. We caught up with her about what the role entails.

How does Pearson allow you to manage your time?

I’m able to pick how much or how little work I take on which makes my role very manageable. I can reduce my workload to suit what kind of life I want to have with my children, even now as a Senior Standards Verifier. There is a lot of flexibility.

When I had my kids and went on maternity leave I was able to continue with my roles at Pearson, as my work was part-time and home-based. During peak times of the year things can get busy, but for the majority of the year the workload is all very manageable.

How does your role as a Standards Verifier benefit your teaching?

For one thing, you get to know the mark scheme very well. You learn exactly what students need to obtain a certain grade, which can inform your own practice as you know the demands of the mark scheme. You can then target the development of your student’s skills to meet the requirements.

It's also hugely beneficial for me to see what other centres are doing across the UK. You have the opportunity to ask questions on the specification if there are aspects that you do not understand – and the opinion of other teachers is a really helpful resource.

Would you recommend the role to other parents?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the role to other parents. The flexibility of the role means I can attend all the events at my son's school, which is something I couldn't do before. I can drop my kids off and pick them up from school. Even though I have built my role up to being almost a full time job, there are times in the year where things are really quiet and I get to spend extra time with my kids. My role with Pearson kept me in touch with the outside world when I was on maternity leave, which was great as this time can sometimes feel quite isolating.

What are the top benefits of working as a Standards Verifier?

The freedom and flexibility of the role are invaluable. The fact that I can work from home is brilliant, as I can organise my work around family commitments. I also feel valued and recognised for my expertise within Pearson, something that is extremely important in any workplace.

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