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9 ways to feel more confident in a job interview

Do job interviews make you anxious? If you're normally cool and collected, but the idea of answering the question about your greatest weakness turns you into a gibbering wreck, these brilliant tips from Mumsnetters will help you ace it next time.

How to get better at networking

Rather have root canal surgery than go to a networking event? You're not alone. But, as Mumsnetters reveal, there are ways to improve at networking and even enjoy it…

Why do you go to work?

Job questions

It's not all about the pay cheque – Mumsnetters gave myriad reasons for going to work after having kids, and getting something really rewarding out of it.

Find your next job

woman on laptop

Looking for a role that fits around your family? Or returning to the workplace after a career break? Search for your dream role now on Mumsnet Jobs.


starting a business

Thinking of going it alone and working for yourself? Entrepreneur Alex Ritchie shares some of her top tips for starting your own business.

Maternity, paternity and parental leave: your rights


Balancing work and family life is complicated. Get the lowdown on maternity, paternity and parental rights in the workplace. 

Interview questions you *really* wish you could ask

“And do you have any questions for us?” Mumsnetters share all the questions they would love to ask a potential employer, but probably shouldn't.

Tax-Free Childcare scheme

child playing in nursery

If you're a working parent, find out how you'll be affected by the new Tax-Free Childcare scheme, how it will work and when it will come into force.

Child benefit changes

Woman looking at question mark of coin

More than 1 million families are affected by changes to the child benefit system that will result in them losing their benefit altogether, or having their payments reduced. Are you affected? 

Working parents: your rights

Man on computer holding yawning baby

Maternity and paternity leave, breastfeeding at work, flexible working: info on your rights if you're a working parent.

A Day In The Life

Ever wondered what other people do all day? We shine a spotlight on life in different industries – from being a school teacher to a marketing director, or even running your own business.