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Flexible working

Working from home

Flexible working - your rights

How to give yourself the best chance of getting an arrangement that makes both your home life and work life easier

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Woman at home working on laptop

Working from home as a parent

Working from home means you can arrange your paid work hours to give you more time with your child(ren), while cutting out the expense, time and faff of commuting

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A day in the life


Consultant in Strategy & Operations

After a career break, Gomathi Ramanathan re-entered the workforce through Deloitte’s Return to Work Programme.

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Head of Brand and Engagement with Civil Service Fast Stream

Francesca Leyne wanted a new challenge when she returned from maternity leave and is now working for Civil Service Fast Stream as Head of Brand and Engagement.

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Senior Quantity Surveyor with Barratt Developments

Marie Cumner talks us through a day in the life of a Quantity Surveyor, balancing progressing her career with looking after her three kids

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Dog hotel franchise owner with MyWaggyTails

Founding home-based franchise MyWaggyTails allowed Mitch Howey to work from home, as well as being her own boss and growing her business.

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Careers advice

Woman at desk in office

Part-time work - is it right for you?

Balancing work and childcare can be a challenge. One way round this is to work part-time – it might just offer the best of both worlds

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Nine ways to get better at networking

Does the thought of networking fill you with dread? Mumsnet users share their top tips on how to feel more confident whilst networking in business.

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Returning to work

Young mum at work

Tips for returning to work after children

Planning a return to work and worrying about managing the whole parenting-plus-work scenario? We’ve brought together Mumsnet's best advice

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How to find a nanny

There are two ways to go about finding a nanny - through an agency or by advertising privately (or you can go for the first young woman who flies in on a talking umbrella).

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Family Friendly programme

Top Threads
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pregnant woman

The Mumsnet Family Friendly programme aims

We believe companies should be proud of their family-friendly credentials. We want employees to get the support they need to make working life easier

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Women in an office

The Mumsnet Family Friendly members

Here's where you can find the companies that are proud to say they've joined the Mumsnet Family Friendly programme, helping employees get the support they need

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