How to set parental controls

Flustered by filters? Scared of software? Or are you perfectly proficient, but want to do something specific (like set automated limits on screen time)?

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BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media have provided step-by-step video guidance to explain how to set up their parental controls, so have a look at the one that applies to your family.

Filtering software gets more sophisticated all the time, so peruse your provider's instructions and take a tour around the options to see how to get your own filters set up the way you want them. And don't forget to think about adding controls to all internet-enabled devices your kids might have access to, such as tablets, mobile phones and games consoles.




Virgin Media

Have a look at our advice on internet safety for distilled MNer wisdom on preparing your children to navigate the wondrous and not-so-wondrous aspects of the web.

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