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Building blocks spelling internet on globeThe internet is wonderful (obviously – no net, no Mumsnet) but most of us are slightly terrifed by the fact that our children can run rings round us IT-wise. So share your hints and horror stories in Talk, and browse the information here to help you protect your children, pint-sized to pint-drinking, online, via computers or their mobile phone.


What parents need to know

Girl on laptop

If your child is using the net to play games and network then, apart from their eyesight, what should you be concerned about?

Tackling digital overload

Woman on computer

Digital detox: Is your family drowning in beeping bits of technology? We have 10 tips to help you recover from digital overload.

Web safety from preschool to primary

Toddler holding CD

As children seem to take to computers with precocious ease, it's never too early to get some safe limits about internet use in place. We've got advice on establishing internet ground rules and staying in control.

Online safety tips for adults

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The internet provides us all with huge benefits, but it's not only our kids who are at risk online. Sadly, scams, trolls and hackers are ever-present. Make sure you're up to speed on the potential danger areas and how to protect yourself.

Internet safety for teens


Once your children are teenagers, they spend what seems like most of their time online – and a lot of it will be social networking.