Mumsnet 10th birthday party speeches

Gordon Brown

Can I first of all say on behalf of all of us here thank you to two wonderful mothers who started Mumsnet ten years ago?

It was an idea which was then given birth to with an organisation , and is now I think one of the Great British Institutitions, Mumsnet.

So first of all I want to say to Justine and Carrie: we are grateful for everything you've done. Your achievement is magnificent. You are changing the way that Britain lives and thank you for everything that you've done, thank you.

And you have already more members than all the political parties put together, you've already more readers than most newspapers have and you certainly ask more difficult questions than television's Question Time or any other question time that I'm part of.

Over these ten years, as the world has changed, you have shown how mothers are right at the centre of the social revolution that's taking place. You provide information, you provide a point of connection, you provide the opportunity for new friendships, you provide the chance for politicians to be grilled about biscuits and about other things (sometimes exposing the fact that as Shelley said, sometimes politicians lose the art of communication but not, alas, the gift of speech).

I am so proud this evening to be the warm-up speaker for my wife and to be the person who does the introduction to someone who lurks on Mumsnet, who tweets with great numbers of people during the course of the day. Someone whom I'm very proud of indeed.

Therefore I'm pleased to be here as Mr Sarah Brown and I want to introduce you to my wonderful wife, Sarah Brown...

Sarah Brown

Thank you Gordon for your lovely introduction.

And thank you to all of you for inviting us to come to your 10th birthday party tonight.
I'm not in Boden. I'm not eating a biscuit much as  I love both and I'm not even going to say anything naughty about Gina Ford. But I do feel completely at home with the Mumsnetters.

Any mum will tell you that joining Mumsnet means you quickly find it becomes quite an important part of your routine when you've got little ones in the house. Suddenly you find yourself some new best friends, even if they have some quite extraordinary names who seem so much more expert at parenting and are  wittier about it too.

It's like having a new doting mum, a new no-nonsense mother-in-law and a new super-nanny rolled into one.

So I do want to say thanks you to Mumsnet for being such a source of support for us lurkers and thank you also for being so kind when we first rear our heads.

As I know a number of you will know I recently did a Charity Big Night In online at Mumsnet, complete with the cheese and wine on standby in support of PiggyBankKids, which is the charity Gordon and I had set up to help mothers and their children around the UK.

I got to go to Mumsnet Towers. I got to log on at the optimum 9pm slot when everyone's quite jolly at the end of the day and had a great hour with Justine and Carrie and the team.

I loved the chance to chat with people from all over the country. My favourite question was actually one I didn't even see at the time, (and I know this is what we all say when we go on Mumsnet!). My favourite question that I missed was "What's it like being married to the ultimate civil servant? I bet he has fantastic ... pens!" 'He' obviously being the DH.

I love all the acronyms, there's a whole dictionary of them. My favourite is of course the language that comes from the smileys. I'm actually rather proud that my DH has inspired a new emoticon as I think they're called, which is shaped like a biscuit and allows any Mumsnetter to say "No comment".

Mumsnet have been fantastic supporters of so many amazing campaigns not just Piggy Bank Kids.
I know that Carrie has just returned from a trip with Oxfam to Malawi as part of the Maternal Mortality Campaign and Mumsnetters were absolutely fantastic at lending their support to the Million Mums campaign overall.

I'm pretty sure that all Mumsnetters would say that the site is a lifesaver for them, but because of your support for PiggyBankKids and Million Mums it's literally that, a life saver. And tonight I know we've heard about the new MN campaign launched with Google on Internet safety.

Thanks to your backing, mums are alive in the developing world who would otherwise have died; there are children growing up healthier and happier here in Britain thanks to the generosity of the Mumsnet family.

So I wanted to come here tonight to say a massive thanks to the Mumsnet team. They're female entrepreneurs, they're great role models and they're making a huge difference to so many women around Britain.

I think you've changed so many lives around Britain in your first ten years and I know you will change many hundreds of thousands more in the next ten. So from the bottom of my heart congratulations, thank you and happy birthday!

Last updated: about 3 years ago