Getting started

Welcome to Mumsnet Talk! Before you dive in, you might like a brief guided tour

How do I join? | How do I post? | Where can I see what all the abbreviations mean? | What are the Talk rules? | Can I change the way I view discussion threads? | How do I search the Talk boards? | What if I get stuck?

How to find what you need

Mumsnet Talk is divided into sections, which are divided into Topics (click Show all - on the right of the blue bar with 'Talk topics' on it - to see all the Topics in each section; click All Topics A-Z for an alphabetical list).

There’s also a list of the most Active Conversations on Mumsnet at the moment. Looking at this is a good way to get a flavour of what’s being talked about.

Signing up for Talk

To post, you'll need to sign up to Mumsnet (it's free) and choose a username, which you can change at any point. 

Contributing to discussions

To post on an existing thread, click on the Add a message link above the thread title or above and to the right of any post. This will take you to the Add Your Message Here box. 
To start a discussion of your own, go into the Topic you want, then click on Start a New Thread Within This Topic (just under the Topic title). 


Time for the nitty gritty. Who are DH and DS? And what do TTC and AIBU mean? Mumsnetters use a whole load of (often unique) acronyms and abbreviations on the Talk boards; you can find a list of the most commonly used ones here.

Searching the board

The basic keyword search searches all of Mumsnet (find it in the top right-hand corner of every page).

The advanced search searches the forums only, by keyword, date, topic and/or nickname (find it at the top-right of every Talk page). You need to be logged in to use it.

Mumsnet Talk rules

When posting, please use the same courtesy that you would show when speaking face-to-face with someone. In a nutshell, BE CIVIL.

Our policy is to keep intervention to a minimum and let the conversation flow. Having said that, we will remove postings that are obscene, contain personal attacks or break the law as soon as they are reported. For more on this, see our Talk Guidelines page. 

Customising Talk

You can change the way you view discussions by clicking on the Customise link on the Talk Homepage. You can also set how many threads you want to see in Active Conversations, and choose to exclude or hide certain threads or Topics.


If you have any problems, do email us at or post in Site Stuff, and we'll get back to you asap.

Last updated: 24 days ago