How we compile our weekly newsletter

Swears By 

Swears By is lovingly put together by MNHQ each week to make sure that you never miss out on the great stuff Mumsnetters are talking about in our forums. So we scan the boards each week to find the products you're recommending.

If those products are sold by companies who have an affiliate program, we'll use an affiliate link. So if you click through and buy something, Mumsnet gets a small percentage of what you spend. But we will never allow companies to buy their way into Swears by. Favourable reviews cannot be bought on Mumsnet - so, companies, please don't even ask.

We're also doing our best to try to get you discounts on the products we feature. So every week, once we've selected our Swears by entrants, we'll get on to the companies that sell them and ask them to provide you with a discount. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't but we will always give it a try.

Last updated: about 3 years ago