We're pledging to go plastic-free

Plastic-free pledge

Here at Mumsnet, we're proud to be announcing a commitment to go entirely plastic-free at our north London office – and encouraging our users to follow suit

As the government unveils new plans to boost recycling and reduce plastic waste, we're publicly declaring our commitment to a pioneering new environmental policy – Mission Compostable. The policy – the first of its kind – follows an extended period of research trials and a significant investment in new technology.

Our founder Justine Roberts says, “We know that parents are worried about the impact plastic has on the environment and they’re being asked searching questions by switched on children. Parents are posting on our forums and asking each other what changes they’re making – well this is a change that we’re making at Mumsnet and we hope other businesses and our community will follow our (plastic-free) lead.”

The research, led by Professor Iam Greene, has been conducted in pursuit of credible solutions to the damage caused to the environment by plastics. After all, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.

Mission Compostable will begin with the replacement of office furniture, cables and data servers with rapid-speed biodegradable versions which will decay over a period of a few years. (Hopefully not whilst someone is sitting on said furniture.)

Mission Compostable is also central to our new data protection policy, prompted by GDPR regulation set to come into place next month.

“As our new servers biodegrade over time, all data held on them will perish and disappear into the ether. We think this could be a neat solution to the headache all social networks are facing about safe data storage – hopefully Facebook will soon follow our lead.

“It’s a win-win for our business and for the world. We'll also be offering incentives (including cache prizes) to Mumsnet users who sign up for biodegradable plastic wires and furniture in their homes, too.”

To begin the campaign, we will showcase Mission Compostable on A Display Floor at our London offices next week.