Mumsnet Premium: FAQs

Thinking of making the switch to Mumsnet Premium? Here's everything you need to know about our new subscription service.

What is the difference between Mumsnet and Mumsnet Premium?

Mumsnet is the UK’s biggest network for parents, and our forums are some of the busiest on the web – offering support, advice and community. We also produce curated content designed to be useful for parents in line with our mission to make their lives easier.

Mumsnet Premium is a subscription service that allows access to our site but with the added bonus of fewer ads. Premium members won’t see any banner ads – the image-based ads that tend to take up bandwidth and slow down page loading times – all for under a £1 a week.

Over time we will be adding more features for Premium members including things like a facility to edit posts and to read offline.

How much is a Mumsnet Premium subscription?

Mumsnet Premium costs £4.99 per month or £49.99 for an annual subscription.

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Can I use my subscription on multiple devices?

Yes. Your subscription will apply across your different devices (so long as you’re logged into Mumsnet) and can be used on both the website and on the Mumsnet Talk iOS app. For now, Premium isn’t available on our Talk Android app. However, it does not carry any external advertising.

Please also note if you use your Premium subscription on the iOS app you will need to update your app to the latest version and then close the app before reopening for the service to work.

How do I end my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you do, you will continue to have access to Mumsnet Premium until the end of the most recent subscription period that you’ve paid for. Sorry but we can’t reimburse payments already taken.

If you want to end your subscription you can do so by going to the Subscription & Billing page in your account settings and clicking on “Cancel my subscription” or by notifying us at

Will I get my money back if I cancel my subscription?

You will continue to have access to Mumsnet Premium until the end of the current subscription term. We’re sorry but we can’t reimburse any payments for now.

Are you putting up a paywall?

No. We are in no way removing or diminishing the current free-to-use version. We strongly believe that the advice and support on Mumsnet should be freely available to everyone who needs it, whether they can afford to subscribe to Premium or not. We are committed to maintaining and improving a free to use site

Why are you doing this now – can’t you use the support for business offered by the government?

We have furloughed some members of the team, and delayed VAT and bank loan payments. We aren't eligible for a rent rebate but again have delayed payment. Our people have taken pay cuts and pay holidays. We've also cut a lot of non-essential costs. But we still have to pay for servers, hosting bills, software licences etc to keep the site running. Clearly there are people and businesses worse off than we are, but we can see that we are going to struggle to generate enough cash over the next few months to meet our commitments. We were always planning to introduce Premium this year, but we've accelerated its release because needs must.

Surely advertising is still paying your bills?

Sadly not. Several advertisers have pulled their previously booked campaigns. Demand throughout the industry is down and that's driving prices down. Entire industries have stopped their marketing spend completely (travel, hospitality, cars). Some sectors that are doing really well – eg supermarkets – are either suffering supply chain issues or don't really need to advertise. You can read more here.

Can I pay using PayPal?

Our payment provider doesn’t accept PayPal, we’re afraid. We’ll try to find a fix for this, but at the moment it’s not possible.

Why have you chosen Stripe as the payment provider?

Stripe is a very big and reputable payments provider used by (among others) Deliveroo, and

Will ‘Mumsnet’ appear on my bank statements if I subscribe?

Yes it will. This is necessary so that people remember what each particular charge is for; it’s also an anti-fraud measure on Stripe’s side. We’re afraid there isn’t a way around this at the moment.

Will Mumsnet hold my payment details? What guarantees can you give about data security and payment details?

Mumsnet will not hold your payment details; these are held by our payment provider.

There must be a link between user name and actual name plus bank details somewhere on Mumsnet. Is that right? Where will that be held?

When someone subscribes we store a Stripe subscription ID against their Mumsnet user account, so we know they are a Premium subscriber. All card details are stored in Stripe. When logged in to Stripe we can't see the card details, only the last four numbers.

Will moderators be able to see who is a paid subscriber?

Not as part of their everyday work. When they need to know this information they will be able to cross-check with the team that has access to the Stripe subscriber information, but this will only happen when there’s a good reason, for example if there is a technical issue with their subscription account.

Will paid subscribers get special treatment from the moderators?

Absolutely not. Our Talk Guidelines apply equally to everyone. We always try our best to find solutions short of permanent bans, but if someone's being an arse then they'll get a warning, and if they continue doing so, eventually they'll be banned. Premium or no premium membership. Banned Premium users will have future payments cancelled but currently we aren’t able to refund payments already taken.

What do you mean by ‘fewer’ ads?

Premium members won’t see any banner ads – the image-based ads that tend to take up bandwidth and slow down page loading times. They tend to be the banner across the top and a rectangle at the side of the page, or at the bottom on mobile. They are generally the ones that take bandwidth to download. The text-based native ads – usually promoting offers or Mumsnet's own content – are still visible on Premium.

Mumsnet with adverts vs. Mumsnet Premium (no adverts)

I’d prefer to donate rather than sign up to a subscription. Can I do that?

We thought about doing this, but we know from previous experience that some individuals would probably have donated quite a lot. And that didn't feel quite right. For one, we're not a charity – we're a business, and we wanted people to feel they were getting something for their subscription. But obviously if enough people really wanted to do this, it’s something we might consider in the future.

Is Premium a temporary feature?

No, it will be permanent. But we hope to improve the offer – more features, more benefits – so it's less of an appeal and more of a value exchange that will make sense for more users over time.

Why have you chosen £4.99 per month / £49 per year as a price point?

We chose this because it’s around how much a Mumsnet regular used to generate for us in advertising spend. The most active users would clock up a bit more than that by virtue of viewing more pages, but the median regular user would typically generate about that amount.

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