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Mumsnet.com and Netmums.com to merge

The UK's two largest parenting communities - Mumsnet and Netmums - are to merge to create a mega mums' online social network.  

Published on 1st April 2009

Mumsnet.com was established in early 2000 to connect parents and allow them to share knowledge and experience, and two years later Netmums started building their local networks of parents around the country. Both sites have grown exponentially ever since, mainly by word of mouth and together the two sites account for around half of the traffic to UK parenting websites.

Justine Roberts, Mumsnet co-founder, said: "Netmums is a great community of mums and we're delighted to be joining forces after all these years of confusion.

"After all, most people we come across in Government and business have no clue that these are two different sites - the letters are all the same so it's an easy mistake to make."

mumsnet & netmums logo

Siobahn Freegard, Netmums founder, said: "Although it's true that a minority of our members think of the Mumsnet community as a vipers' nest, we think they're a fabulous bunch and see enormous benefits in a merger. We'll hopefully end up with a site that takes the best aspects from both - one that's a little bit pinker than Mumsnet and a little bit bluer than Netmums."

The two sites have not confirmed which name they will end up using - although it's thought a compromise solution of MumsNetmums.com is currently favourite to win out over the other suggestion, NetMumsnetNet.com.

Last updated: over 3 years ago