How to get the most out of your Mumsnet Local site

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How do I access my local site?

If you click on any Local link and are not registered, you'll be asked to register or, if registered, to log in. Once you have registered with Mumsnet and given us your postcode, as long as you are logged on, whenever you click on your local site you will be taken to your "home" site, i.e. the one that covers your postcode area.
If you registered over a year ago and didn't add your postcode when you registered, you'll be prompted to add your postcode and then be directed to your local site.

Can I visit or join other Mumsnet local sites?

Absolutely. Mumsnet Local is a great resource for anyone planning a holiday, day trip or lock stock and barrel move to a new town or area. All you have to do is click on the 'Add a site to my local' button at the top of your home local page. Here you can find another local site
a) by clicking on the link to see the full list
b) by adding in the postcode to the search box
c) by clicking on the region to see all the local pages in that area.

You can be a member of as many Mumsnet Local sites as you want though have to designate one as your "home" site and this will come up first whenever you click on "your local site"

What happens if I move house?

Just click on the Edit my local link at the top of your current local page. This takes you through to our map page. Add the new area to your list of local sites, then click on that site in your list at the top right hand side of this page to make it your new local homepage.

How do I search for an event, place or activity in my area?

Just use the search box in the top left hand corner.

What's on my local site?

Your local site should be a hub of information on what's going on in your area, including a directory of everything from nice ham shops, to after-school classes, GPs. There's also our Nearly New section where you can sell, swap or give away items such as children's clothes or nursery equipment.

How do I add a local listing?

Your local site can only get better and more useful if people like you add their opinions and recommendations of local services and activities. It's easy to add a listing, event or Nearly new ad. Simply click on the 'Add a local listing/event/advert/directory listing and follow the directions.
It's particularly helpful if you can add a postcode to your listing so it shows up on the map.

I've made a mistake in my listing or want to delete or amend it, what should I do?

Click on the Edit link and then amend your listing and click on the save button.

How can I meet a mum in my area?

When you first log on to your Mumsnet Local page you'll see under the meetups section the option to sign up to meet other parents. Here you can add in in preferences of the kind of mums you'd like to meet. Once you do that and press save, links to any mums meeting those preferences will appear. You can also see who's in your area by clicking on the map tab for Meet-ups as well.
If you click the link saying 'Email me' you'll be sent an email when anyone else meeting those preferences signs up for local meet-ups in your area.

Please treat meeting up with a Mumsnetter in the same way you would any person you met on the internet. Always meet in a public place (not your home) and do not give out personal details until you feel confident that they are who they say they are.

How can I chat to local mums online?

You need to have joined Mumsnet and have chosen a chat nickname and a password (this only takes a minute and costs nothing). Then you just go to the Local Talk section of the Local site you're on and click on Join in local Talk. Either join in an existing conversation by typing in the "add your message here" box, or start one of your own by clicking on the 'Start a new thread'.

What's a local editor?

A local editor is a Mumsnet member who has volunteered to be the editor for their Local site. She (or occasionally he) is responsible for keeping the What's On? section up to date, adding new listings and editing listings/deleting duplicate listings, plus answering queries on Local Talk. If you're interested in becoming a local editor, please email 

How can I get in touch with my local editor?

The name of your local editor is displayed in the local editors box on your Local home page. Simply click on an editor's name to get in touch via PM (private messaging).

Last updated: about 4 years ago