Using the For sale and Wanted boards

The For Sale and Wanted topics are intended for members to sell small quantities of used or unwanted goods or to enquire if others have items they'd like to buy.

If you're a small business, there is a Small Business classified topic where, for £50, you can advertise your company or products for 90 days.

If you are a larger business and wish to advertise on Mumsnet please email

  • Please do not sell multiple items of the same thing
  • Please state what you are selling in the thread title
  • Please do not re-list anything for seven days
  • Please note we do not allow the sale of live animals on Mumsnet
  • Please ensure your listing is in the right place - ie please don't place wanted ads in for sale
  • To ensure that all ads are seen, threads are ordered by when they were started and "bumping" does not change this
  • Ads and any responses to them will be deleted after 30 days

Mumsnet does not accept responsibility for goods bought or sold, or for any part of the buying and selling process

We recommend that anyone using these boards to sell gets a proof of postage receipt to prevent any disputes over lost goods.

We'd be very grateful if everyone could comply with the above to ensure the smooth running of the boards.

Those who don't comply with our guidelines will undoubtedly receive a stiff rebuke from MN Towers and serial offenders will be hunted down and hounded out without mercy or pause for a second thought. 

You have been warned.

Many thanks,


Last updated: almost 5 years ago