Mumsnet's policy on diversity, equality and dignity

We firmly believe that diversity and equality are important to the success of our company; the greater variety there is among our staff, the better able we'll be to represent parents across the UK (Europe, The World, The Solar System, The Universe). More importantly, equality, fairness and diversity are simply good values for us to abide by. We've never prioritised profit above principle; we believe in purpose first and profit second, and that's the sort of company Mumsnet aims to be.

It's our policy to treat all employees in the same way, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, maternity/pregnancy, disability, race, ethnic origin, gender reassignment, age, religion or belief. Our internal processes and procedures are inclusive, and there are sanctions in place to deal with any instances of unfair treatment or discrimination.

We will always aim to hire or promote the person who is right for the job; that means having the right skills and behaviours, and also being strongly committed to Mumsnet and its aims. We treat all applicants fairly, and are happy to vary our recruitment and selection procedures to accommodate candidates with disabilities. (If this applies to you and you're considering applying for an advertised post, do please drop us an email - the address will be in the ad - to discuss any requirements you may have.)

We are committed to ensuring that the Mumsnet workplace is free from bullying, harassment or victimisation. We can't guarantee that bad behaviour will never happen - but we do promise to approach any instances with extreme seriousness, deploying our internal disciplinary procedures and sanctions where necessary.

We want Mumsnet's workplace culture to foster respect, openness, trust and dignity for all. We comply with The Equality Act 2010 (and the fact that Harriet Harman's Pink Bus was pranged in our car park was absolutely nothing to do with us).

Last updated: over 4 years ago